Christian Violence in History

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Christian Violence in History

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Thread: Christian Violence in History

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    Christian Violence in History

    related to (the philosophy of terrorism
    The horrible truth is that, numerically the statistically,speaking civilaization is the bloodiest and most violent of all civilizations in all history,and is responsible for hundreds of millions of deaths.Even so, muslims will never associate this violence and blood bath with the teachings of jesus(a.s)
    ST Augustine's contingent intrare("lead them in and force them to convert). In fact the quraan says exactually the opposite
    there is no compultion in religion(2.256)
    Augustine's frightning idea that must be compelled to conform"to the true faith christian faith" has unleashed for centuries of unparalleled bloodshed.
    Indeed,christians have suffered more under the rule of the chrostian civilization than under the pre- roman rule and any other rule in histroy
    then the crusades the european armies were saying, as they slaughtered both christian and muslim arabs "kill them all,god knows his own"
    Europe's reformation and counter reformation era
    two thirds of the christians population of europe was slaughtered by christians.
    the africa slave trade : claimed the lives of over 10 million
    The colonial comquest:
    estamates for the number of native americans slaughtered by the europeans in north southand central america has run as high as 20,million with in three generations.
    the twentie*th century's western civilization took warefare to new extremes.
    A conservative estimate puts the total number of brutal deaths in the 20th century at more than 250, million.of these muslims are resposible for less than 10 million deaths.chrisitans or those coming from chrisitian backgrounds account for 200 million of these! the greatest death totals come from world war 1 (about 20 least 90% of which where inflicted by christians) and world war 2(90 million,at least 50% of which were inflicted by christians the majority of the rest occuring from the middle east) given the grim history, it appears that europeans and americans must all come to gripswith the fact that islamic civilization has actually been less brutal than christian civilization,did the holocaust of over 6 million jews occur out of the background of a muslim civilization.
    in the 20th century alone
    Western and / christian powers have been responsible for at least twenty times more deaths than that of mulim powers. In this most brutal of centuries they created incomparably more civilian casulties than muslims in the whole of the islamic history
    in the 20th century, rawanda,1994
    witness the slaughter of 900,000 rwandans in 1994 in a population that was over 90% christian.
    1992- 1995 bosnia
    The gernocide of over 300,000 mulims and syntamatic rape of over 100,000 muslim women by christian serbs.
    western popular culture
    It should also be mentioned that although islam has the concept of legitamate war in self -defence (as does christianity and even buddism) no where in islamic culture)or in any other culture that survives today) is the idolization, of violance that exists in the western culture. Westerners think themselves as peaceful, but in fact the gentleness and sublimity of the new testament, and the peace loving democracy,are scarley reflected in wetern popular culture rather the entire inclination of popular culture - hollywood movies, western television video games popula music and sports entertainment is to glorifyand inculcate violance.Accordingly, the relative rates of murder(especially random and serial murders) are higher in the western world (in particulary in the us.and europe taken as a whole) than they are in the Islamic world in countries that are not suffering civil wars, and this true despite the much greater wealth of the West.
    well if they say islam is spread by the sword they have it all wrong there past and present is so full with blood
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Christian Violence in History

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Christian Violence in History

Christian Violence in History