the easy forgivness

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the easy forgivness

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Thread: the easy forgivness

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    Default the easy forgivness

    the easy forgivness

    let us just get straight to the point ,
    first let us see why christians choose to be Christians or choose to still believe in this kind of faith ,
    1- the most important thing the christians care and believe and talk about is the forgiveness and this is the only thing they talk about all the time, and they keep on and on talking about it as if it is a drug they have administerd to themselves which they are not aware about anything esle , they are don't care about if its facts or fake because most of them already know it just fake
    2- another kind of christian believe they can not question or ask about any thing in the bible cause its out of discussion for them , they blindly believing every thing they are told , and i just want to ask them what if it is Satan's book and its written on it (this is the book of god and you can not question any thing ? ) blindly and u r believing with this book they call the bible,
    and i wonder if any christian has ever asked him or herself .if my faith is the right faith ? or why i am the only and all the others are wrong , i don't think there's is such kind of Christian who would think in such away , because simply they don't want to know any thing , nothing about god , nothing about Jesus , nothing about the bible , they are not looking for anythng at all . the only thing they care about is they got the most easy way to forgiveness , they just want to be forgiven , so they can enjoy with their lives , drinking dancing , having fun , bing bang with any Friend , all of this is valid , because they got the easy forgiveness any way

    i don't wonder why their lives are full with porno and bastards war and blood , its all just a normal thing for them , nothing new , they grow up with such beliefs and its all in their bible any way , when you grow up with such book then its became the normal nature for you and then all the other people are wrong in according to you , in fact i believe what they call a bible is the most dangerous book to distort t the world , the societies , and the humanity ,
    you might think i am talking from my own points a view as a Muslim , but let me tell I've tried to know if what you call a bible is the book of god or not , I've tried to know if its the word of god or not , but mostly its not , i believe there are alot of good words and sayings , acute , some wisdom , but in general , its can't be the word of god , first a way from the bible and as well from quraan or any other you have to know what it means (the word of god ) and you should know why god would send for us a book ? ,,,
    as some people say the bible is full with mysteries , but i don't know why the word of god should be a mysterious book , then why would god send his book like this that he knows we can not understand ??
    why would god send a mysterious book for the people (the bible) and ask them to understand it and believe it ?? what is the reason ? and how to understand it ??
    and how can u believe in something u can not understand ??
    its like if u give insane person a maths book and U are asking him to solve and understand it ..or it seems that ur giving a stupid book for normal minded person and asking him to believe it is the word of god
    why should i accept such mysterious book as the word of god ??? ,, some Christians say we need the holy spirit to understand the bible ,
    does that means the book should always be with the holy spirit ???? and i wonder if u buy a bible do u buy it alone or with the holy spirit ???
    ,, well let us see another point aview ,,,

    about the old testament , u know Jesus said according to the bible (Mat 5:17 Think not that I am come to destroy the law, or the prophets: I am not come to destroy, but to fulfil.)
    which means u have to accept and you have to work with old testament beside the new one , but u know the bible mentioned alot of things which Jesus changed
    plus u all know that u can not accept alot of things that are written in the old testament . does this mean u just consider it useless and invalid or is it just a midnight story book for u ??
    ,,another point aview ,,,,
    we can see now why Christians are fighting for the oil and to control the lands and the people, even we have seen how Christians have fought when one of their leaders has been insulted or has been killed or any such similar cases , but , we have never known did they do any thing while Jesus was on the cross
    according to the Christian beliefs while Jesus was on the cross shouldering all the pain and facing death to forgive his people and on the other hand his people were just sitting around helpless and cowards or were they just enjoying watching this kind of drama ?!!!

    and another point aview ,,,,
    why do Christians talking only about forgiveness and salvation , peace and love verses in the bible but they don't talk about the porno and killing and blood verses in the same bible ???
    i think its the only way you have to convince yourself its the book of god and u are already have been forgiven
    the christians see only forgiveness and salvation in the bible and they can not see any think else about the blood and killing and porno stuff , that's is the only thing they care about ,they have been forgiven , nothing more ,,,
    adding to the bible being distorted book Christians themselves distort the meanings of the words to get their fake conclusions they are beening forgiven, the most easy and fancy way to escape from thier duties and god's orders ,

    let us see what we can find in the bible ,, and don't tell me its not in it , cause u would be a liar , (which i know its Ur nature too ) . let us see , see what u call a bible ----sh it , and peee and asses , war and blood ,porno and prostitution , eunuchs and a woman eating her children , animals with seven heads , fancy stories and alot more besides,,,,
    its not a book even which your children should read , but you can say its a adultery book .
    i don't wonder why the western life is full with porno and bastards , immorality liberalism , lewdness and dissipation
    now wonder Ur life is so full with killing people and war and blood because its all from the bible ,
    and no wonder u r doing all these things because u have grown up with it and now its has become normal nature for u to do this,,,
    and no wonder u are fooling yourself to believe in this the book you call the word of god the bible because its the only way u can have the easy way out with forgiveness and salvation to escape away from Ur mistakes and your duties
    and all because they have fooled you , and ur fooling yourself with a fake book which you call the word of god , the bible ,,,
    what is the reason to be a christian ?
    the only reason to be christian is having the easy forgiveness as you claim , so with such belief you just about enjoying Ur life , committing any sins you like while you know that there was some one on the cross to wash your dirtiness and your sins to make you feel free .
    you like to be Christians because its just an undercover for infidelity and blasphemy
    so U are in between not feeling bad about yourself and enjoying Ur life as well
    you are Christians because your parents have brain washed to thinking that was as they had been brain washed also and you have found it the easy way to enjoy your life having the easy forgiveness even if does'nt matter to you if its fake or not ,,,
    what if u had grown up in a family and friends and in society and they have taught u since u were little that god is a fly?? would it be the same thing as you believe that Jesus is a lamb??
    the same as when they teach u numbers they start with no 3 , then later on if someone tries to corrects u that the number u should start with is one , u are going to believe that they are wrong even if they are right and U are wrong,,, search for the next part of this article
    i think there will be something totally new as a gift for you ,,,
    saved by the skin of your teeth ,,,, bye for now


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    أشكرك أخي في الله modeblues على هذا العمل الكبير

    مجهوداتك ظاهرة للجميع

    وبصفتي احد اعضاء الإدارة أقدم اعجابي بهذه الأعمال

    جزاك الله كل خير
    إن كان سيدنا محمد صلى الله عليه وسلم ليس رسول الله لمدة 23 عاماً .. فلماذا لم يعاقبه معبود الكنيسة ؟
    والنَّبيُّ (الكاذب) والكاهنُ وكُلُّ مَنْ يقولُ: هذا وَحيُ الرّبِّ، أُعاقِبُهُ هوَ وأهلُ بَيتِهِ *
    وأُلْحِقُ بِكُم عارًا أبديُا وخزْيًا دائِمًا لن يُنْسى
    (ارميا 23:-40-34)
    وأيُّ نبيٍّ تكلَّمَ باَسْمي كلامًا زائدًا لم آمُرْهُ بهِ، أو تكلَّمَ باَسْمِ آلهةٍ أُخرى، فجزاؤُهُ القَتْلُ(تث 18:20)
    الموسوعة المسيحية العربية *** من كتب هذه الأسفار *** موسوعة رد الشبهات ***

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    جزيل الشكر لك أخى الفاضل السيف البتار
    الحمد للة على نعمة الاسلام و ربنا يتقبل منى و منك و من كل المسلمين المؤمنين صالح أعمالنا ويغفر لنا ذنوبنا
    الله أكبر
    (my god is greater than i)
    the same jesus pbh said before now all the muslims saying
    Allah-u akbar

the easy forgivness

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the easy forgivness

the easy forgivness