false christs strategies

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false christs strategies

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Thread: false christs strategies

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    Default false christs strategies

    false christs strategies

    I have read alot of false Christs websites and i have noticed how they are distorting the truth , i don't know if its lack of understanding or they are doing these things on purpose, i wonder why they always attack islam and muslims only, why dont they do the same for other peoples beliefs ?? and verily i say they will not give anybody a chance to answer them back or to show them the truth and facts ,and never will they do
    the main strategy for the Christian leaders is to fool the people plus also the Christians themselves have been programed to answer all in the same way and with the same methods ,if you ask them about something and then they will answer about something completley different ,or they will overwhelm you with false tags and slogans just like parrots , or talking about something totally different ignoring the question because in the christian religious subject the Christians themsleves don't know what the meaning of (specific question- specific answer ) but you can always notice clearly how the keep on turning around to avoid the subject .

    for example---- when they talk about the relation between a man and woman in Islam and how the islam resampled such relation ,( they explaining our religion which they don't know any thing about but some accusations from their point aview ) they says that when a man has sex with his wife its like a man walking in a dirty field ,
    and that is very strange , yes the quran does say this relation is like planting seeds in a field but the holy quraan never never did say anything like it (and no Muslim did) that its like a dirty field , and i wonder why those kind of Christians in their explanation and would use this word ( dirt ) ??? maybe to show how the women are dishonered in islamic faith ?!!
    for example---- Alot of the prophets married more than one wife and christian themselves also knowing that but the false Christs keep dishonouring the prophet of Islam and accusing him that he was married with young kid and had more wives , but you have to forget that he wasn't the only prophet who married with more than one wife because u know u keep on fooling yourself and trying to foget about your own beleifs in such matters, at least he was married with his wives you can count them on Ur fingers , on the other side we see in the bible a Prophet is married with 600-700 wife ( there's no comparse at all ) you can find that in song of Solomon , not only Solomon because it has been the same situation for many other Prophets who had more than one wife ,
    the false Christs accusing the Muhammad ( peace be upon him ) he was molesting with young (Aisha pbh ) , about facts and the truth !! they don't look for any facts or truth , they don't look for any explanations , they just need what they are looking for which is to accuse the prophet of Islam and dishonour him (pbh) i am not gonna defend because there are already explanations in all the Muslims websites , but i just wanna add one small notice , if you accusing him (pbh) with such thing without even understanding but have you ever thought about what has been written in your bible about the prophet David and his daughters when they molested with him as well , don't tell me he didn't but they did (his daughters ) did , cause its about molesting and committing a sin any way ,, above all there is no comparison at all , read the explanation about the prophet (PBH ) marriage with the mother ( Aisha pbh)

    something else ---when they are talking about Islam they use evidence from Islamic websites , but they chose specific thing for you to read,
    to explain more for u >>>> alot of religious scholars have their explanations for the holy quraan and the prophet's speeches pbh and his biography-- and they have gathered all those things in several books >> even if its wrong , but those wrong things they have collected it just to show what been said about a certain subject and you can say some of it just of thier personal points aview , but there are basic rules to know if each speech is correct and acceptable or not , we have basics and rules to accept or to refuse it. we are not free to choose but we are free to think according to such rules and we will not accept any thing someone claims ,,,
    but when christians take evidence from Islamic sites , they chose for u only the wrong explanations and the wrong evidence to read , so defiantly u will see only the wrong side , and not the good side

    the comparisson between the holy quraan and the bible ,,,
    as there are verses in the bible about blood and killing
    there are verse in the quraan as well on the same subject but there are too big diffrancies because in the the holy quraan its just a legal punishment and orders system from God and in the bible it is just histroy without any legal systems for the rule of life , talking about stoning the harlots !!! what is wrong about it ? why don't you just follow the orders of god and you would'nt face such things ?!!talking about cutting heads or cutting thiefs hands ?!! why don't you just respect your self and find a good way to live and you would'nt face such things ?!!! and it is not so easy like that there are rules also to do such things , and above all god is so mercyful , just if u tried to know and understand you will defently would have the chance to know ...
    but when preachers and the Christian websites are making a comparison between quraan and bible then they take the verse's of love and forgiveness from the bible against the legal punishment system God told us about , defiantly it is a wrong way to compare them
    verily it would be fair if they make the comparison between the similar verses (blood , killing , punishment system ) between the quraan and bible ,then you can plainly see

    another example ---- and the strange thing ---
    that Christians take evidence to prove the Christianity is right from quraan verses and later they say its the wrong book of god
    but how can u take such evidence from wrong thing to prove what the right thing is ??

    read what christian preachers say and use to prove Christianity , they take evidence from quraan ,
    some false Christs websites which it supposedley its been made by a religious Christians (well they claim they are religious ) it says that Muslim worship the moon god which the Muslims call (Allah ) as well i wonder if that is because their misunderstanding or they are doing this on purpose ,,, but the fact is-
    1) the Arabic bible uses the word (Allah) to mention about god and the lord
    2) all the Arabic Christians use the word (Allah) more than they use the word (Jesus)
    3) Arabic language one of the most similar and relative to Hebrew and Aramaic
    3) the English bible says ( Eli, Eli, lama sabachthani? ) ---and we know all the eastern languages are similar ,,,, Eli = elahi (in Arabic) ,,,,,,, elah= god ,,,,,, elah came from ( Allah )

    so in conclusion this must mean that Arab Christians were worshipping the wrong god for all these centuries before ?!! in addition to this they have been calling god by the wrong name ???
    now i wonder if Jesus was on the earth and in human life form ( god according to christianty ) and the Muslim people told him (we believe you are a prophet from God ) what do you think his reaction would be ??
    what was Jesus reaction form the people during his time on the earth and they told him we believe you are a prophet ?? (check you bible he never rejected them)
    all over , at least Muslims respect Jesus as prophet and his mother mary , Muslim don't dishonour him and they didn't kill him like Jews did(according to Ur beliefs), but because u have a devil heart or u have been fooled so u can not see and understand such facts , and u cannot realise also what is the different between Muslims and the Jews.
    Mat 7:5 Thou hypocrite, first cast out the beam out of thine own eye; and then shalt thou see clearly to cast out the mote out of thy brother's eye.
    saved by the skin of your teeth , by for now

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    الحديث السادس
    عن أبي هريرة ، رضي الله عنه ، قال : سمعت رسول الله صلى الله عليه وسلم يقول :
    ( إن أول الناس يقضي يوم القيامة عليه رجل استشهد ، فأتي به فعرفه نعمه فعرفها . قال : فما عملت فيها ؟ قال قاتلت فيك حتى استشهدت ، قال : كذبت ، ولكنك قاتلت لان يقال : جريء ، فقد قيل . ثم أمر به فسحب على وجهه حتى ألقي فى النار ورجل تعلم العلم وعلمه وقرأ القرآن ، فأتي به فعرفه فعرفها . قال : فما عملت فيها ؟ قال : تعلمت العلم وعلمته ، وقرأت فيك القرآن قال : كذبت ، ولكنك تعلمت العلم ليقال : عالم ، وقرأت القران ليقال هو قارىء ، فقد قيل ، ثم أمر به ، فسحب على وجهه ، حتى ألقي فى الناء ، ورجل وسع الله عليه وأعطاه من اصناف المال كله ، فاتي به فعرفه نعمه فعرفها ، قال : فما عملت فيها ؟ قال : ماتركت من سبيل تحب أن ينفق فيها الا أنفقت فيها لك قال كذبت ولكنك فعلت ليقال هو جواد فقد قيل ثم أمر به فسحب على وجهه ثم القي فى النار )
    رواه مسلم ( وكذلك الترمذى والنسائي )

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    أحسنت أخي الكريم

    تفنيد ممتاز

    إن كان سيدنا محمد صلى الله عليه وسلم ليس رسول الله لمدة 23 عاماً .. فلماذا لم يعاقبه معبود الكنيسة ؟
    والنَّبيُّ (الكاذب) والكاهنُ وكُلُّ مَنْ يقولُ: هذا وَحيُ الرّبِّ، أُعاقِبُهُ هوَ وأهلُ بَيتِهِ *
    وأُلْحِقُ بِكُم عارًا أبديُا وخزْيًا دائِمًا لن يُنْسى
    (ارميا 23:-40-34)
    وأيُّ نبيٍّ تكلَّمَ باَسْمي كلامًا زائدًا لم آمُرْهُ بهِ، أو تكلَّمَ باَسْمِ آلهةٍ أُخرى، فجزاؤُهُ القَتْلُ(تث 18:20)
    الموسوعة المسيحية العربية *** من كتب هذه الأسفار *** موسوعة رد الشبهات ***

false christs strategies

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false christs strategies

false christs strategies