?? Why I came to Islam

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?? Why I came to Islam

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Thread: ?? Why I came to Islam

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    Default ?? Why I came to Islam

    By Susie Brackenborough
    Being a practicing Christian for almost 16 of my 22 years of life, it may seem strange as to why I have turned to Islam. Not so I say! I was asked one day to "prove Christianity and why you are a Christian and not a Muslim" by a Muslim friend at university.

    I thought that this was going to be an easy task, but I couldn't actually say why I was Christian, only this is the way that I had been brought up by my family. My research needed extensive reading and questioning. I would say to everyone who reads this whether Muslim or not - 'ASK YOURSELF WHY YOU BELIEVE WHAT YOU DO.' If you can't answer this question then search long and hard until you have reached a satisfactory conclusion. It doesn't do anybody any harm just to sit down and think about what they believe in. If anything, it will strengthen people with sincere motives for believing what they do. For those who find they draw a blank I would ask them to read the Qur'an because this is where the truth will be found. With a good heart and a healthy mind you will be able to answer "WHY" with so much confidence that you will feel like a new person and as long as you never forget why we worship Allah (SWT) there shall be no confusion in your life and you will be at peace. However, we should not sit back at that, but we must strive to live the life that Allah (SWT) wants us to, with the thought that we are all going to be judged one day and we will all be held responsible for our lives on this earth.

    Why not Christianity?

    So why wasn't I satisfied with Christianity? Anybody who is going to really believe in something must know something about it. If I said to someone that a Porsche could go faster than a Skoda, for them to accept that fully they must have knowledge of what a Porsche and a Skoda are, otherwise if they accept what I say without knowledge they are living a life of ignorance and/or arrogance. Anybody who wanted to know the truth and why they agree to or follow a particular way would seek out why. So for me to accept Christianity I needed the knowledge about the fundamentals - the belief that Jesus (AS) was the son of God and that the Trinity existed are two fundamental points. It is not good enough just to accept this, as you believe what has been taught to you. For someone without knowledge about cars, the Porsche may indeed go faster than the Skoda in reality, but if I was a so called knowledgeable and respected person and I taught them that the Skoda is faster than the Porsche, then I would be believed by people who have not questioned what these two cars are really like and they take my word as they think that I have knowledge. But they would not be believing the truth.

    (Read More... )

    المسلم حين تتكون لديه العقلية الاسلامية و النفسية الاسلامية يصبح مؤهلاً للجندية و القيادة في آن واحد ، جامعاً بين الرحمة و الشدة ، و الزهد و النعيم ، يفهم الحياة فهماً صحيحاً ، فيستولي على الحياة الدنيا بحقها و ينال الآخرة بالسعي لها. و لذا لا تغلب عليه صفة من صفات عباد الدنيا ، و لا ياخذه الهوس الديني و لا التقشف الهندي ، و هو حين يكون بطل جهاد يكون حليف محراب، و في الوقت الذي يكون فيه سرياً يكون متواضعاً. و يجمع بين الامارة و الفقه ، و بين التجارة و السياسة. و أسمى صفة من صفاته أنه عبد الله تعالى خالقه و بارئه. و لذلك تجده خاشعاً في صلاته ، معرضاً عن لغو القول ، مؤدياً لزكاته ، غاضاً لبصره ، حافظاً لأماناته ، و فياً بعهده ، منجزاً وعده ، مجاهداً في سبيل الله . هذا هو المسلم ، و هذا هو المؤمن ، و هذا هو الشخصية الاسلامية التي يكونها الاسلام و يجعل الانسان بها خير من بني الانسان.

    تابعونا احبتي بالله في ملتقى أهل التأويل

    ملاحظة : مشاركاتي تعبر فقط عن رأيي .فان اصبت فبتوفيق من الله , وان اخطات فمني و من الشيطان

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    salaam aleykum wr wb
    masha'allah sister we all get directed to the right path by Allah insha'allah we all keep our foot firmiley on the right path ameen

?? Why I came to Islam

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?? Why I came to Islam

?? Why I came to Islam