A Brief Description of the Question:
How should the sentence, "there are no flaws in the sky" in verse 6 of the chapter of Qaf be understood?

The Answer:
The chapter of Qaf, verse 6: "Do they not look at the sky above them?― How We have made it and adorned it and there are no flaws in it?"
The stars and systems in the sky have been arranged through sound physical laws and have been kept in balance based on definite criteria. It is such an arrangement that one system or star does not pass the boundary or orbit of another system or star; they move in their own orbit.
In the verse, the sentence, «wama laha min furuj (and there are no flaws in it)» attracts the attention to the fact that there are no rifts, cracks, crookedness or discord. This sentence expresses that there is no imbalance, discord and haphazardness among the celestial bodies and in the systems to which they belong. The scientific studies about astronomy that have been made so far have determined this truth partially but they have not got rid of skepticism fully. However, more serious and resolute studies and determinations in the future will confirm the Quran; and every discovery and determination will bow down before the Quran.
(see Celal Yıldırım, İlmin Işığında Asrın Kuran Tefsiri)