Once upon a time many negative feelings and meanings lived in a farm: Blindness, Stubbornness, Ignorance, intolerance, prejudice, injustice, mockery and backwardness.

There was a river beside the farm. But their parents and teachers used to warn them from drinking from that river. They claimed that it was colorless, odorless, and tasteless.

They offered them wine and convinced them that it was the only valid drink for them. They said, “Only drink wine! It is healthy, tasty, and full of colors and flavors, it will bring you happiness and strength.”

So all the feelings and meanings filled their goblets with wine and drank joyfully, except one of them, (Verification), he wasn’t negative, he was open-minded.

Verification left the party to the river, and took a sample of it to test it. He found out that the water was pure, so he decided to taste it.

Verification drank a little, he felt his heart refreshed and nourished!

So he decided to dip himself in the river for a while.

He had never felt so clean and relaxed before, so he invited all the other feelings and meanings to come to the river.

Blindness wandered off! Stubbornness refused! Ignorance ignored him! Prejudice attacked him! Injustice persecuted him! Intolerance swore to shed his blood in the river! Mockery protruded its tongue! And Backwardness preferred to stay in its comfort zone!

Dear friends, I wrote this short story to say that if you want to see the truth, you have to get rid of prejudiced thoughts, purify your chest from these negative feelings and meanings, and open its doors and windows to allow it to receive the light of God, otherwise enjoy your “wine”!