To A Non-Muslim Woman

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To A Non-Muslim Woman

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Thread: To A Non-Muslim Woman

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    Default To A Non-Muslim Woman

    To A Non-Muslim Woman

    When you look at me
    All that you can see
    is the scarf that covers my hair
    My words you can't hear
    because you're too full of fear,
    mouth gaping, all you do is stare

    You think it's not my choice
    in your own "liberation" rejoice.
    You think I'm uneducated,
    trapped, oppressed and subjugated,
    You're so thankful that you're free.

    But non-Muslim woman you've got it wrong
    You're the weak and I'm the strong.
    For I've rejected the trap of man.
    Fancy clothes - low neck, short skirt
    those are devices for pain and hurt.
    I'm not falling for that little plan.

    I'm a person with ideas and thought.
    I'm not for sale, I can't be bought.
    I'm me - not a fancy toy,
    I won't decorate anyone's arm,
    nor be promoted for my charm.
    There is more to be than playing coy.

    Living life as a balancing game - mother,
    daughter, wife, nurse, cleaner, cook, lover
    and still bring home a wage.
    Who thought up this modern "freedom"?
    Where man can love'em and man can leave'em.
    This is not free, but life in a cage.
    Always jumping to a male agenda
    competing on his terms.
    No job share, no creche facilities,
    no feeding and nappy changing amenities
    No time off for menstrual pain,
    "hormones" they laugh "what a shame"
    No equal pay equal skill
    your job they can always fill.
    No promotion unless you're sterilised.
    No promotion unless you're sexually terrorised.
    And this is liberation?

    Non-Muslim woman you can have your life.
    Mine - it has less strife.
    I cover and I get respected,
    surely that's to be expected,
    for I won't demean the feminine,
    I won't live to male criterion,
    I dance to my own tune
    and I hope you see this very soon.
    For your own sake - wake up and use your sight.
    Are you so sure that you are right?

    From a Muslim Woman
    نقره لتكبير أو تصغير الصورة ونقرتين لعرض الصورة في صفحة مستقلة بحجمها الطبيعي

    تحمَّلتُ وحديَ مـا لا أُطيـقْ من الإغترابِ وهَـمِّ الطريـقْ
    اللهم اني اسالك في هذه الساعة ان كانت جوليان في سرور فزدها في سرورها ومن نعيمك عليها . وان كانت جوليان في عذاب فنجها من عذابك وانت الغني الحميد برحمتك يا ارحم الراحمين

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    women in Islam is as Queen but in other may be rape .
    No one seen women in Islam unless her husband .
    In other women seen for all and everyone can enjoy with it
    Is this Freedom ?
    Thank of Allah for the blessing of Islam
    May Allah reward you my sister Redemption of the Prophet .

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    what a wonderful poetry

    i think it's useful for muslim women too

    may ALLAH guide both muslim and non muslim

    women to right path

    thanks sister

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    Nice poem, thanks for sharing sis

To A Non-Muslim Woman

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To A Non-Muslim Woman

To A Non-Muslim Woman