Said the senior Islamic scholar Dr. "Muhammad ibn Abd al-Rahman al-Arifi, a professor at King Saud University and Islamic scholar, said that Egypt preferred to the world can not be denied without Egypt not be Arabism, no leadership, no leadership and Egypt hope to revive the state of Islam.
"The Arifi" during a meeting with the virtue of the Grand Imam Dr. "Ahmed al-Tayeb" - Sheikh of Al-Azhar - does not deny a preferred Egypt and preferred people and elders and scholars, in particular the Al-Azhar scholars, and their hands white on the Arab world and the entire Islamic, saying: He who Hfezna Koran Egyptian , and the imam of the mosque, which I pray Egypt, but who supervised my masters and doctorate Egyptians, adding: the renaissance of the Arab countries have on the shoulders of the Egyptians; understand mainstay of development in all aspects of life; in hospitals, schools, universities, factories, Egypt is her great credit to everyone, and we owe it to Egypt, scientists beholden, Egypt preferred not deny but ungrateful.