Human Rights in Islam And Common Misconceptions

Abdul-Rahman al-Sheha

Table of Contents
Islam and the Basic Necessities of Mankind
Equality in Islam
Islam and Preservation of the Five Essential Necessities of Life
1. Preservation of the Divine Religion
2. Preservation of Self
3. Preservation of Mind
4. Preservation of Honor, Family and Lineage
5. Preservation of Wealth
Rights and Obligations in Islam
1. Rights of Almighty Allah
2. Rights of the Prophet Muhammad ()
3. Rights of other Prophets and Messengers
4. Rights of Parents
5. Rights of Husband towards His Wife
6. Rights of Wife towards Her Husband
7. Rights of Children
8. Rights of Relatives
A Word on Public Rights and Duties
1. Rights of a Ruler
2. Rights of the People towards the Government
3. Rights of Neighbors
4. Rights of Friends
5. Rights of the Poor
6. Rights of Employees/Laborers
7. Rights of Employers
8. Rights of other Creatures
9. Other Rights
The Judicial System in Islam
Hisbah, Accountability in Islam
Islamic Declaration on Human Rights
Misconceptions on Human Rights in Islam
Reply to the Misconception about Shari'ah (Islamic
Reply to the Misconception about non-Muslims
Reply to the Misconception about Punishments
Reply to the Misconception about Apostasy
Reply to the Misconception about Marriage to a nonMuslim
Reply to the Misconception about Slavery