Who is Muhammad

آخـــر الـــمـــشـــاركــــات

مـواقـع شـقــيـقـة
شبكة الفرقان الإسلامية شبكة سبيل الإسلام شبكة كلمة سواء الدعوية منتديات حراس العقيدة
البشارة الإسلامية منتديات طريق الإيمان منتدى التوحيد مكتبة المهتدون
موقع الشيخ احمد ديدات تليفزيون الحقيقة شبكة برسوميات شبكة المسيح كلمة الله
غرفة الحوار الإسلامي المسيحي مكافح الشبهات شبكة الحقيقة الإسلامية موقع بشارة المسيح
شبكة البهائية فى الميزان شبكة الأحمدية فى الميزان مركز براهين شبكة ضد الإلحاد

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Who is Muhammad

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Thread: Who is Muhammad

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    Who is Muhammad

    Magdy Abdalshafy

    His Name:

    Muhammad( also Ahmed),both give the same meaning," the Praised one". Please note the lateral meaning of Muhammad and Ahmed in Arabic is "the praised one"
    The prophet’s name, Muhammad is mentioned in the Old Testament, the new testament and the ancient codices of the Holy Book, and the ancient holy books.

    (1) The Prophet Muhammad is the Paraclete( now purposefully mistranslated as the comforter ) in the New Testament, (John 15:26 RHE). The correct English translation of” the Greek word "Paraclete”, is” the praised one, exactly as the word" Muhammad" means.

    (2) He is also "Shiloh" in Genesis 49:10. The word Shiloh as the well-reputed priest David Benjamin Keldani, who later became a Muslim, says it refers to the Prophet Muhammad.

    He still there by the same name “Muhammad” in the Hebrew text of the Old Testament in the Song of Songs, Chapter 5. The Hebrew text can be transliterated as follows:

    dodi we -zeh reI benoth -yerushalayi Hikko mamtaqqim we -khullo Mahamaddim zeh،،

    ( please watch this video)


    In the Hindu book, these are his names:

    1- Narashans , a Sanskrit word which means” the praised one in the Atharva Veda.

    2- Muhammad in the Bhavishya Puran (Bhavishya Purana in the Prati Sarag, Parv III, Khand 3,Adhay 3, Shloka 5 to 8.).

    3- Mahaaamd in the Mahabharat in the Hindu book.

    4- Maitreya in the Buddhist Scriptures, the word “Maitreya” means "mercy". The Arabic word for mercy is "rahmat". "Rahmat" is an epithet given to the prophet Muhammad by God in Qur’an! God refers to him as:
    "Rahmatan lil Alameen", which means "Mercy unto the worlds" (21:07)

    In Persian Scriptures

    the name of the expected prophet is be Astvat-ereta or Soeshyant. Astvat-ereta means "the Praised one", the same meaning of Muhammad in Arabic. Also, Soeshyant means mercy to the worlds, which is an epithet given to the Prophet Muhammad in the Holy Quran.

    His Birth Time:

    The prophet Muhammad was born on 12th of Rabi` ul Awwal in the Year of Elephant (Aam` ul-Feel)[corresponding to 570 C.E.]

    Prophet Muhammad was born in 570 CE or 571.

    His birth time was prophesied in the Testament of Moses in Pseudepigraapha, a holy chapter that once was held as sacred writings and now is considered as a source for understanding the Holy Scriptures.

    His birth time is also predicted in the book of Antioch chapter (93 and 94).

    His Parent:

    His father died before his birth and his mother died six years later. His father’s name was "Abdulla", which literally means "the slave of God." There is a reference to the prophet Muhammad by the names of his father and mother in the Hindu scripture, the name of the father of the prophet "Khali Avatar",i.e, thelast prophet would be VISHNUBHAGAT, whose translation means “the salve of God”, exactly as the Arabic proper name "Abdullah" means.

    Prophet Muhammad’s mother’s name was Amina, an Arabic word which means” safety”. According to the Hindu scripture, the mother’s name of the Khali Avatar would be “SUMAANI”, which means” Security”. So there is a strong reference to the expected prophet in the Hindu Holy Book by the name of his father and mother.

    Please note that the Khali Avatar, according to the Hindu scripture, is a prophet who would come to guide the Hindus, also note that the Jews also are still waiting for a certain prophet to guide them. This prophet whom all the holy books discussed was Muhammad but each nation; though they don't have any references in their holy book that he would be among themselves, still insists that he would be from among themselves.

    His career before being a appointed a prophet by God

    A shepherd, merchant and eventually a prophet.

    His birth place

    Mekka, also Baca or Paran

    Prophet Muhammad was born in Baca, the holy city of the Muslims; there is reference to Baca in Psalm: 48 as the place to which the followers of the expected prophet would travel to do pilgrimage.

    The Locust of his First Revelation

    Prophet Muhammad used to retire from the world in Paran Mountain before he was appointed a prophet; Paran was the ancient name of "alnour mountain", where he received the first revelation.

    There is a reference to the place in which the expected prophet(Muhammad) would receive his first revelation (Deuteronomy 33:2); Both Baca (NIV Bible, Psalms 84:5-6) and Paran (the NIV Bible, Deuteronomy 33:2) are referred to in the Old Testament as the locus of the new message of Prophet Muhammad.

    In the Hindu scripture there is a strong reference to Baca as the place in which the kalki Avatar would be born.

    Evidence to his prophet-hood

    1- Physical miracles

    These started as early as his childhood and continued till he died.

    among these miracles are splitting the moon into halves, multiplying food and water, healing the ill, non-animate objects gloried God's name in his hands, water spouted from his hands and many others which outnumbered all the miracles in the Holy Book.

    2- Prophecies

    Some of these came true in his age and the following age and even now, among these which happened in the our modern age is conquering the space, the moral decadence, the gulf-war, economic blockade on Iraq and Syria, surrogacy, modern means of transportation, the climatic change, the invention of Tv and radio, the mobile phone…etc

    3- Mental evidences such his infinite endurance in the face of torture and persecution, surviving all the attempts on his life and many others.

    4- The Holy Quran, his Holy book, which called to challenge the most poetic people to produce a similar verse of its, it also contains many scientific statements that are in complete agreement with modern sciences, examples of these are the Big Bang, the gaseous state of the universe, the expansion of the universe, the black hole, the Pulsar, the day layer, the cycle of the clouds, the geological layers of the earth, the internal waves in deep seas, the sea bed fissures, the development of the human embryo, matter and anti-matter, the motion of the sun and the moon, mountains. The way the sun and the moon will end their lives,

    5- Also the Holy Quran also contains prophecies that came true in the time of the prophet and even now, among the prophecies that have been fulfilled in our modern times are the age of submarines, huge ships, pollution and many others.

    His Family: 12 wives, three male children, four daughters

    Like all the prophets in the Old Testament, the Prophet Muhammad was polygamous. The reasons why he married nine wives, a general custom at that time, was either to protect widows from the danger of murder by their unbelieving family after their husband’s death or to honour some people (Abu-Bakr and Umar) or to bring more people to Islam or to support the poor among them; they all were widows and old except one, they all played great roles in imparting the wisdom the prophet said when at home.

    His enemies

    Unlike Jesus who was sent to a nation of believers, Prophet Muhammad appeared among a pagan nation; he was persecuted and even beaten but he at the end was triumphant over all of his enemies. This torture and persecution was predicted in the Apocalypse of Abraham.

    His Holy Book: The Holy Quran

    The Holy Quran is the literal word of God, no words or letter was changed since it was revealed first time.

    The total number of the letters in the Arabic version of the Holy Quran all over the world is "323671".
    The total number of the words of the Holy Quran in the Arabic version all over the world is"77439"
    The total number of verses of the Holy Quran in the Arabic version all over the world is"6236".
    His qualifications
    The Prophet hadn't received any kind of education, he was illiterate. He lived in the desert. His illiteracy is a sign of his prophet-hood because if he had any kind of education, his enemies would have said that he authored his book through learning.

    His Achievements

    1- He eradicated idol-worshiping in the Arab Peninsula within twenty three years and lifted a nation from the mire of paganism and brought them to the light of Islam.

    2- He presented to the world unprecedented ethical system

    3- He was the first who laid the human rights system long before the magne carte

    4- He was the first who called for women emancipation from the social handcuffs.

    5- He was the first who called for freeing the slaves and equate between a slave and his master.

    6- He was the first who laid the rights of animals

    7- He was the first who invented the ethical system of war.

    8- He was the first who called for environmentalism

    9- He is the best example for the depraved

    10- He is the best example for fathers in treating their children

    11- He is the best solace for the orphan

    12- He is the best example for honest merchants

    13- He is the best example for merciful military leaders

    14- He is the best example for husbands

    15- He is the best example for philanthropist

    16- He is the best example for righteous young men

    17- He is the best example for friends

    18- He is the best example believers

    His Death : Twelfth of Rabi’ al-Awwal (June 8, 632 A.D.) at the age of sixty-three

    Months after performing the Hajj (Farewell Pilgrimage), Prophet Muhammad fell ill. He continued to lead the congregation prayers. After one of these prayers he invoked special blessings on the martyrs of Uhud, and then addressed the Muslims:

    “There is a slave among the slaves of Allah (The One God) to whom God has offered the choice between this world and that which is with Him, and the slave has chosen that which is with God.”

    Upon hearing this Abu Bakr (ra) wept as he understood that the Prophet was talking about himself and that the choice meant his imminent death. The Prophet continued:

    “I warn you O Muslims to be good to the Ansar (the Helpers, i.e., those residents of Medina who helped the Emigrants from Mecca). They have performed their duty well. Muslims will increase in number but Ansar will dwindle and be as salt in a meal.

    “Woe to the nations before you who worshiped the tombs of their prophets. I forbid you to do that. O people, the most unselfish of men to me in his companionship is Abu Bakr, and if I were to take from mankind an inseparable friend he would be Abu Bakr - but the brotherhood of faith is ours until God unite us in His presence. O my dear daughter Fatimah and O my dear aunt Safiyah, spend your efforts in the way of the hereafter for I will not be able to help you against the Will of Allah.

    “I go before you and I am your witness. Your meeting with me is at the pool (a lake fed by the celestial river Kawthar where believers will quench their thirst on their entry into paradise.). I fear not for you that you will set up gods beside Allah (The One God); but I fear for you that you will rival one another in worldly gains.”

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Who is Muhammad

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Who is Muhammad

Who is Muhammad