Contradictions in the Bible

The Bible is filled with contradictions, allowing believers to chose either side of a question. On a question that any one discussed previously, for example,

we finds Biblical citations and priestly support for the idea that God created the Universe from nothing, ex nihilo. He ignores the Genesis account in which God created the Universe from tohu and bohu, a trackless wilderness and featureless, watery mass. In the future, before I engage in debates on this matter, I plan to ask any one to go through the Bible with a yellow marker to highlight those portions he happens to believe and those that he rejects.

Why are there so many contradictions in the Bible? The Bible has many authors. In fact the Bible’s compilers frequently did not risk selecting the best or the correct story. That is why so many of the Bible’s stories appear two or three times with variations between them. Consider, for example, the most famous of these duplicated accounts, the creation story in Genesis. The second version begins with Chapter 2, verse 3. Among the many differences between these two accounts are the order of creation and the creation of man and woman. In one account, God creates man and women at the same time. In the other account, God creates women from Adam’s rib after Adam finds, after examining all the animals, that God had not had the foresight to create a suitable partner for him.