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Thread: Omsaja

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    Default Omsaja

    I would like to greet all of you who wish to scan through this page and greet with our Islamic greeting "ALSALAMU ALEKUM"

    I just have one request, who ever is searching for the truth, please do not ignore the signs that God (Allah, better used) sends you and please do not take a grudge against any religion before searching positively and ask Allah to guide u. (if you do not believe in him, we will handle several issues concerning that, dont worry....stick to us and keep the on praying for guidance

    Om Saja
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    Al Salamu Alaikom

    Welcome aboard sister Om Saja

    In fact we have been waiting for this historical moment for long.

    Thanks God you managed to get started.

    Sis: It seems you have a big audience waiting , so don't leave them wait for long.

    All compete in supporting your efforts. We acknowledge the fact that you may have a plan in your mind which you want to pursue without interruption.

    We urge you to keep us in the picture

    Please give us a brief of your plans for this English forum, it objectives, reason of establishing it, what is the message you wish to send out to people from this forum?

    ?What is needed to have this achieved ? any help from members , in which form

    I take this opportunity to thank Brother Al Saif Al Battar for furnishing us with a resource center. I am sure he has more to add to this list

    Om saja, we wish you publish here your work plan so that all can join, participate effectively .


    And once again

    welcome aboard sister

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