The innovation continues with Oracle Database 11g Release 2 to lower IT costs and deliver a higher quality of service by:

[LIST] [*]Consolidating business applications onto low cost database grids [*]Maximizing availability and eliminating idle data center redundancy [*]Compressing data onto low cost storage partitions for faster performance [*]Securely protecting information and enabling compliance [*]Doubling DBA productivity and reducing the risk of change [/LIST]ORACLE IS THE DATABASE LEADER

[LIST] [*]Gartner: Oracle is #1 in Relational Database with 48.9% Market Share [*]IDC: Oracle is #1 in Data Warehousing [*]Edison: Oracle is easier to manage than DB2 and SQL Server [*]Gartner: Oracle RAC Moved to Mainstream Use [*]IDC: Cost-Effective Data Leak Prevention Starts at the Source [*]Benchmarks: World record performance and price/performance [/LIST]ORACLE DATABASE EDITIONS AND OPTIONS

[LIST] [*]Enterprise Edition [*]Standard Edition [*]Standard Edition One [*]Express Edition [*]Database Options [*]Which edition is right for you? [/LIST]