By Magdy Abd ALshafy

The end of the Universe in Science and the Holy Quran is compatible.


One of the most acceptable scenarios of the end of the universe is the Big Crunch, which states that the universe can't keep expanding forever, there will be time when the expansion of* the universe stops and then the universe will recede back.

The Holy Quran states the same fact and the same way *that the Big crunch predicts.

The creation and the end of the universe

It became scientifically established that the universe *came into existence when a huge explosion(the Big Bang) took place, then a huge cloud of smoke was formed ,from this gaseous cloud *the galaxies were created. It has been proven that universe has been expanding ever since because of this explosion.

The end of the universe

According to the Big Crunch, the universe will not keep expanding for ever because of the gravity.

This gravity will slow down the expansion of the universe till it stops expanding. In order for the expansion to be stopped, there must be enough matter in the universe.

The matter in the observable universe can’t stop the expansion of the universe. However, recently, Scientists noticed that there is a huge mass lost in the structure of the universe. *Scientists call the lost mass" the dark matter", which fills the whole of the universe

Where is the lost mass of the universe

However recent observations indicate billions of dwelling stars in between the Galaxies, much more stars than expected, actually.

Also known is that Galaxies do contain large quantities of invisible matter (black holes). Nobody knows the nature of this dark matter, but possibly 90 to 99 percent of all matter is of this kind.

What is the dark matter ?

It is a very strange form of matter. Although it has mass, it does not interact with everyday objects and it passes straight through our bodies. Physicists call the matter dark because it is invisible.

Yet, we know it exists. Because dark matter has mass, it exerts a gravitational pull. It causes galaxies and clusters of galaxies to develop and hold together. If it weren’t for dark matter, our galaxy would not exist as we know it, and human life would not have developed.

Dark matter is more than five times as abundant as all the matter we have detected so far. As cosmologist Sean Carroll says, “Most of the universe can’t even be bothered to interact with you.”

Whatever dark matter is, it is not made of any of the particles we have ever detected in experiments. Dark matter could have—at the subatomic level—very weak interactions with normal matter, but physicists have not yet been able to observe those interactions.

Experiments around the world are trying to detect and study dark matter particles in more direct ways. Facilities like the Large Hadron Collider could create dark matter particles.

Dark matter is mysterious matter, it doesn't react or radiate


*The Dark matter will stop the universe

The dark matter will slow the expansion of the universe till it halts then it will recede back.

It is there!* It is there!* It is simply not visible. (Lorna Simmons , Printed in Reflections ).

Although it cannot be seen, there is solid evidence that more than 90% of the total* mass in the universe is composed of Dark Matter.*

More on the dark matter

The mass of the universe, after the discovery of the dark matter in the black hole and the dwelling stars, will stop the expansion of the universe and then make it recede back.

It is scientifically known that the velocity of the universe expansion has decreased a great deal since it started to expand.

It is also scientifically known that the heat of the universe has decreased from some billions degree to a very few degrees. ( Dr.Zagloul Al-Nagar)

This means that the expansion of the universe has decreased a little.

In a nutshell

The universe will not be expanding forever.

*The expansion of the universe will slow down till it stops.

*The universe will recede back to its birth place or shrink.

*All galaxies will come close and close to one another till they form one mass, superdense and very hot where no physical laws can explain.

The universe will be rolled like scroll on which all the galaxies are located.

*The rolling will be like rolling up a sheet of paper.

*Another bang will take place because of the dense and heat.

What does the Holy Quran
say about the End of the Universe?

God says in the Holy Quran what means “The Day We roll up the heavens with the same parallel of a scroll rolling up books; as We produced the first creation We repeat it, a promise We have undertaken, verily We shall fulfill it" (21: 104).

*The compatibility between Quran and Science

Reading this Holy verse, we will notice that:

The verse is talking about how the universe will end.

The Quranic words “Rolling up the heaven” refers to the scientific words” The shrinking of the universe”
(2)”… with the same parallel of a scroll rolling up books” refers to the way the universe will be rolled up, it even refers to the state when the universe will be when it is rolled up.

So Quran and science are compatible about:

There will be an end to the universe

*This end will be through contracting the universe.

*To the Atheists

Atheism is no longer supported doctrine after its basics had been undermined by the " Big Bang"- a fact that implies that the universe has a beginning and hence a Creator.

The Holy Quran provides scientific evidence in the age of science; the scientific statements in the Holy Quran is a fulfillment of a Quranic prophecy that God will show his signs and miracles in the universe.

God says what means" We(God) will show them our portents in the horizons and in themselves."

The scientific miracles in the Holy Quran and in the words of the prophet are numerous and as variables as scientific branches.

*The Holy Quran, God's last word to humanity, not only contains precepts , concepts about God, solution to man's problems, laws, news about the perished nations, highly elevated philosophy , matchless concepts of ethics, all coupled with ecstasy that moves one's heart but also it always renders the evidence to the existence of God and evidence to divine source of the Holy Quran *according to the culture of every age and every man.

Logical questions

*Mohammed was illiterate who could not read nor could he write. How could an illiterate like Mohammed in the time where the best knowledge was mostly superstition *could produce such scientific statement that are completely compatible with science unless he was a prophet?

Why did he indulge himself in such sensitive scientific question that people at his time didn't understand and was completely out the scope of their minds?

Why didn't he follow the culture of his time at least to avoid any scientific confrontation with them?

We read in the Holy Quran " we will show them out signs in the horizons and in themselves"

How* could he know that man will conquer the universe and made these amazing discoveries unless he was a prophet from God?

How could he know that man will develop a science called anatomy unless he was a prophet?

*He must have been a prophet, who received his revelation from God.