Peter Cresswell

Extent: 440 pages Size: 51/2x81/2 inches 216/140mm


World rights

First published 2010



This is the shocking truth:

* Jesus was a zealot who wanted to be King of Israel.

* The apostles and disciples were members of his family, by blood and by marriage, and they went on to wage a war against Rome.

* Far from 'converting', Saul - the false apostle - remained malicious and vindictive to the end.

* Saul started the lie that 'the Jews' killed Jesus, while he himself helped to kill Jesus' brother James.

* Saul invented Christianity, borrowing the rituals of a pagan religion, Mithraism.

* The gospels are a deliberately scrambled version of Jewish zealot propaganda with characters, who were Jewish warriors, stolen and subverted by Christian writers.

AUTHOR: Peter Cresswell graduated as a social anthropologist from Cambridge University and did a post graduate degree in sociology at York. He trained as a sub-editor and worked as a research officer at the Open University. After working as a senior journalist and leader writer, he set up a publicity consultancy. He is the author of Censored Messiah (O Books 1974) which shed new light on the origins of Christianity.


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