Fruits of Islam:

in ISLAM we Have less rates in the world:

1- Alcohol consumption.
2- Suicide.
3- Gambling.
4- Rape.
5- Crimes.
6- prisoners.
7- No prono Media.
8- Prostitution.
9- Abortion.
10- Fornication.
11- Women beating and abuse.
12- Lesbians and Gays.
13- Racism.

Also we have:

1- Highest rate of Charity!
2- Highest rate of beleivers (look at Mosques)!
3- Highest rate of people who read God's book each day.
4- Only religion were beleivers Memorize the whole Quran, 10 Millions Officialy, not officialy more!
5- Children respect elders.
6- We are the only religion that gives Women rights and put Mothers on high level!
7-We have the highets rate of Chaste Women!
8-The Huge Majority or our little Girls Virgins till they get Married!

ALL Major EVIl in the world came from NON Islamic communities as Islam CONTAIN EVIL and dont allow it to grow, Major EVIL in the world came mainly from Christian communties that failed to Contain those EVIL:

1- Hundreds of Millions Killed by the name of Christ During History!
2- World war ONE and TWO!
3- Colonaization of the WORLD, British Empire, French, Spain etc...!
4- First and Only Atomic Bomb thrown on Civlians by America!
5- Nasizm, Germany and Italy (vatican).
6- Communism, soviet Union.
7- Athiests!
8- Slavary!
9- American WAR MONGERS!
10- Fortunes stolen by western countries till today (Africa for example)!
12- Torture in prisons like in Iraq, Guanitnamo

So what Fruits you want to see more!?