What does Ramadan mean???

آخـــر الـــمـــشـــاركــــات

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موقع الشيخ احمد ديدات تليفزيون الحقيقة شبكة برسوميات شبكة المسيح كلمة الله
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What does Ramadan mean???

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Thread: What does Ramadan mean???

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    Default What does Ramadan mean???

    What does Ramadan mean

    Ramadan! a month like no other. no matter how old you are or where you come from or what language you speak, Ramadan has the same meaning to all of us; peacefulness and closeness to Allah.

    Ramadan is an old Arabic word meaning ‘scorching heat’. It is the ninth month of the Islamic calendar where all Muslims are required to fast.

    What is the Islamic calendar

    The Islamic calendar is a lunar one. That means that it follows the cycle of the moon. The Islamic calendar moves back 10 days every year, meaning that Ramadan always falls at a different time each year. This year, Ramadan is set to begin in September.

    What is Ramadan

    Ramadan is a time where Muslims all over the world do not eat or drink between dawn and sunset. It is a time of increasing good deeds and avoiding anything that displeases Allah. It is also a time for us to thank Allah for all the blessings He has given us and make dua for those that are not so fortunate.

    Ramadan is the 9th month in the Islamic Calender. It is the month that Allah first revealed the Qur'an to our beloved Prophet Muhammad (salAllahu alayhi wasalam). In this month, the whole Qur'an was sent down to the first sky from Lauhi Mahfouz.

    During the month of Ramadan, the gates of Jannah (Paradise) are opened and the gates of Jahannum Hell-fire are shut.

    How long is Ramadan

    Ramadan is usually between 29 and 30 days each year, depending on the new moon being sighted.

    What is Fasting

    In Ramadan, Muslims don't eat or drink anything at all from dawn to sunset. This is called sawm and is one of the Pillars of Islam.

    Muslims get up very early in the morning, before the sun rises and have Suhur. You can have your usual breakfast at this time. After this, you do not eat or drink until it is Iftar time, when the sun sets.

    Since Muslims come from just about every place in the world, different families have different foods they like to eat for their iftar or Suhur meal.

    Our beloved Prophet used to break his fast with dates, that is why many Muslims eat dates during Ramadan.

    Do I have to fast

    All Muslims that have reached puberty, male and female, must participate in fasting during Ramadan. People who are elderly, sick or pregnant do not have to fast, however they may make up the days they have missed or pay to feed a poor person equivalent to these days.

    Can I fast for half the day only

    If you are young and have never fasted before, try to fast until recess or lunch time. This is a great way to get your body used to fasting, so that you may fast the entire day when you are older. Remember to speak to mum or dad before you try this!

    What happens if I am forgetful and I eat whilst I’m fasting

    If you have had something to eat or drink accidentally whilst you are fasting, don’t worry! You may continue fasting for the remainder of the day. You don’t need to make up a day for doing this.

    Can I brush my teeth when I’m fasting

    Yes, you may brush your teeth as long as you do not swallow any toothpaste or water!

    Can I visit the dentist during Ramadan

    Yes, you may have your teeth cleaned and fixed whilst you are fasting, as long as you are careful not to swallow any blood or medication during this time.

    What about injections? Can I still have those whilst I’m fasting

    Injections for immunization are sometimes given at schools throughout the year. It is ok for you to have an immunization shot without breaking your fast, as it is not nourishing your body in any way.

    Can I go swimming during Ramadan

    Yes, it is ok to swim during Ramadan, as long as you are confident that no water will enter your stomach through your nose or mouth.

    Can I wear lip gloss in Ramadan

    Yes, you can wear lip gloss to moisten your lips when you are fasting, as long as you do not swallow it.

    Can I rinse my mouth out when I’m fasting

    There is nothing wrong with rinsing your mouth when you’re fasting, as long as you do not swallow any water after doing so.

    If I have asthma, can I still use my puffer when I’m fasting

    Yes, you can still use your puffer during Ramadan without breaking your fast. This is because it is simply compressed air that you are inhaling into your lungs.

    Can I bite my nails when I’m fasting

    Biting nails or skin, swallowing any substance (even if it is not food) is not allowed when fasting. However, swallowing something accidentally does not break your fast.

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What does Ramadan mean???

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What does Ramadan mean???

What does Ramadan mean???