What Is Islam §

Islam is an Arabic word derived from the root(S.L.M,ã.á.Ó) which has many noble meanings such as peace, purity, soundness, safety, submission and obdeience. As an Islamic term, it has two pricipal meanings:
a)Full submission to the Will of Allah and obdeience to his law.

b)Allah's divine guiding system revealed to mankind along the ages to the Prophets and Messengers and finally, completed in the last revelation , Al-Qur'an, to the last Messenger Muhammad. Salla 'Lahu Alaihi wasallam (Peace Be Upon Him).

1-Islam (is composed of ) three (main) areas: Utterance, faith, and deeds.
2-The utterance was explained.
3-Faith is to believe in Allah, the angels, the Heavenly ******ures, Prophets and the Last Day.
4-Deeds are : Salat (prayers), Zakat (Alms-giving), Siyam (Fasting), and Hajj (Pilgrimage).

Islam...Why ?

1- Because Islam is the religion accepted by Allah for all humanity.
2- Because Islam is the religion of all prophets since Adam to Mohammad ( Peace be upon them all ).
3-Because Islam is the seal of all heavenly religions, and
4- Because the messenger of Islam is the last of God's apostles, and
5- Because its Book ( Al-Qur'an ) is the last of Allah's ******ures.
6-Allah ta'ala ( Glory be to Him ) says: "Do they seek other than the Deen ( Rrligion ) of Allah ?- while all creatures in the heavens and on earth have, willing or unwilling , bowed to His Will ( accepted islam ), and to him shall they all be brought back ." {Al-Qur'an 3:85} "If anyone desires a Deen ( Religion ) other than Islam ( submission to Allah ) it never will be accepted of him; and in the Hereafter he will be in the ranks of those who have lost (everything ){ Al- Qur'an 3:85}

Islam...for whom ?

1- For every person on whom Allah has bestowed life and intellect .
2- For those who can see the blessings of Allah .
3- For those who can hear the words of Allah .
4- For those who can comprehend the sings of Allah .
5- For those whose hearts are full of love and gratitudet o Allah .
6- For you and for me and for those whose blessed hearts are open to faith .

Islam...when ?

1- Now , not tomorrow ,
2- Obey your heart's call to faith ,
3- It is your life chance ,
4- A golden chance that might not strike your heart again .
5-Answer Allah's call . He summons you .
6- " But your God is one God , submit then your wills to Him ( in Islam ) , and give
the good news to those who humble themselves . " { Al- Qur'an 22:34 }

Islam is the religion of right

Is peace

Is the safety