The Hater of peace and humanity Geert Wilders took some distorted verses out of the true con**** from the holy Quran to spread his Hate and Racism against Islam and muslims in the west !!!

But he forgot the bloody history of the crusades and the world wars on this Earth that left more than eighty million people dead..

He forgot the massacres against humanity on Indians in the Americas and enslavement of millions of black Africans !

He forgot the Inquisition in Spain Andalusia and the GENOCIDES in BOSNIA, KOSOVO, RWANDA, SOMALIA, VIETNAM, IRAQ, HIROSHIMA AND NAGASAKI .. And the Israeli terrorist acts against children and women daily in Palestine and Lebanon !

In this video you can discover some terrorist teachings of his believe system which have been taken from bible as the same way that he did with Quran..

And if you really looking for the Truth, learn islam through it`s true sources not through the Haters...

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