MAR 3 2018
Former Pentecostal Preacher And Child Evangelist Is Now Attacking The Core Belief Of Christianity.

Hector Avalos, a professor of religious studies at Iowa State University—and, a former Pentecostal preacher and child evangelist—now uses his taxpayer-supported post to promote a different kind of religion: “free thinking” atheism and secular humanism.

This week, he returned to the college speaking circuit to continue promoting his book “The Bad Jesus: The Ethics of New Testament Ethics,” which is based on the presumption that it’s impossible for Jesus to have been both human and flawless. This is an attack on the Gospel itself and the core beliefs of Christianity.

Amazon offers the following description of the book:

“The notion of a flawless human Jesus is a paradoxical oddity in New Testament ethics. According to Avalos, it shows that New Testament ethics is still primarily an apologetic enterprise despite its claim to rest on critical and historical scholarship. ‘The Bad Jesus’ is a powerful and challenging study, presenting detailed case studies of fundamental ethical principles enunciated or practiced by Jesus but antithetical to what would be widely deemed 'acceptable' or 'good' today … After closely examining arguments offered by those unwilling to find any fault with the Jesus depicted in the Gospels, Avalos concludes that current treatments of New Testament ethics are permeated by a religiocentric, ethnocentric and imperialistic orientation. But if it is to be a credible historical and critical dis-cipline in modern academia, New Testament ethics needs to discover both a Good and a Bad Jesus.”

Avalos, also a former anthropologist, played a role in denying tenure to one of his colleagues, Guillermo Gonzalez, who co-authored a book advancing intelligent design’s compatibility with modern science in 2004. Avalos has been a member of the Iowa State faculty for nearly 25 years.