A Man We Loved though we didn't see
Shall I tell you who he is
Written By: Amira Metwaly
I will tell you a story since many years AD
A story of a great person born to be
The guide of Humanity, the prophet lastly sent
A great person whom we love, although we didn't see

Muhammad Abdullah (pbuh) was his name
A man with his coming, light, love and peace came
Born in Mecca , the most holy place
Bringing with him security and faith

Born to find no father waiting there
Only his mother (Amena)(ra) to care
None knew he would be the light of Humanity forever
None knew what he would face, what he would suffer

By six, he faced the first challenge along the way
When his lovely mother passed away
Leaving her gentle kid without ever to know
That soon, he would be a light to glow

Moving to Halima's house was the next to come
When she agreed to raise him for a little money sum
But from the first day she got to know
That she got a blessing; one never saw

By nine, he lost the kind heart he had
By the death of his grandpa, his alternative dad

Allah never left him for life to blow
For he's the light upon humanity soon will glow

Moving to his Uncle Abu Talib next, he did
As he loved him for his manners like everyone else did
He protected him and in love he lived
And he was always loved like that gentle and pure lovely kid

By the age of 20, the trustworthy Muhammad(PBUH) was known
For the sincerity, honesty he had shown
Thus Khadija asked him to help her
As a trustworthy merchant, and as partner to share

Khadija loved him like everyone did
And here was the next step he took and did
When he married Khdija for she was his perfect wife
A woman whom he loved for the rest of his life

When Allah then has chosen him to be
The last prophet, the man whom we love although we didn't see

He sent Gabriel for him to say
"Read" What Allah has sent to you, along that way
Our beloved prophet was surprised
And he could not utter for the fear he had inside
He grabbed him and ordered him more and more
Till Muhammad known for sure
It was not a dream, it was a reality
And he was the Messenger sent to Humanity

He ran back home filled with fear
Asking his wife to cover him; oh my dear
When faithful Khadija calmed him down
And said, don't be afraid; Allah will never let you down

Along his life, he faced a lot for our sake
For Islam to reach us among all that fake
He fought in many battles with evil Kufar
To protect Islam, and protect us from An-Nar

To protect Islam, Allah ordered him to migrate
Along with some of his companions on a pre-defined date

Till, Allah made it real
When they went to Mecca once again with victory
When our beloved prophet and his friends with faith
Came back again to the most holy place

For the rest of his life, he strived to spread Islam
For this is his mission, he was sent to life for
For the rest of life, he proved to be
The perfect person over all humanity, for sure

He was a perfect husband, he was a wise leader
He was a kind father...a merciful friend
He never shouted at poor, he was always to tend

He went back to Allah, but still he is among us
For the Sunnah and Qura'an there isA will be no fuss
He showed us the way that we should follow along the way
He promised who follow him -in Jannah-to meet one day

Still didn't know who he is...
He's the man sent for Humanity, he is the man of peace
He's the merciful leader...Peace prevails, Blood cease
Before you talk about someone make sure who he is
Before talking about Muhammad remember that there is
Many people who truly believe in him
Many people will always follow and love him
He is Muhammad (PBUH)