The Truth attracts them Women convert to Islam

Women convert to Islam !

By Dr. Abd El Mo’ety El Dalaty

Translated By Marwa Hasan

Reviewed By Magdy And Al-Shafy

This are some stories of women who led such an aimless life and ****tered nearly in the dark seeking the guiding light of the sun, the earthly life was all what they cared about and could ever think of .They ventured to have a step ahead and walk out of where they used to be…they converted to Islam.. the stories of such women are very much a like as they all had experienced the meaning of faith and belief.

It was not an easy way for them , but rather long ,tiring and full of doubts and some times skepticism. They had to get through many of their own battles to reach the end of the road. However, at the end they were the victorious, they defeated both their evil souls and prior concepts and got into the gate of Islam where no place is found for ignorance , confusion or perplexity . It is where time is counted by the believing heart beats rather than hours. They were the chosen ones to experience such a moment of truth which inspired their bodies with power and their soul with an overwhelming peaceful emotions and their mind with reason. They eventually realized that the earthly life is predominated by God , the One , and they testified that there is no God , but Allah ,the One and that Muhammad (PBUP) is his prophet. We introduce their stories to those who yearn to taste the sweetness of believing in God, hoping that He, the Almighty, blesses their souls wherever they are and bestows His mercy upon them.

Saboura Ureapa

Mariah Alastra is an intellectual who was born in 1949 at Andalusia. She obtained a university degree in Philosophy and Psychology at Madrid University. She converted to Islam in 1978. she worked as the manager for the authentication and publishing center in the Islamic Council. She published an article titled “ a Muslim in the global village!!” in 1998 and she was killed by an anti-Islam Spanish man few minutes later and thus gained the name of a martyr. The following are snatches of what she wrote in the article:

“ I believe in God , the one , and further I believe that Muhammad (PBUH) is His prophet and His messenger, and I believe in all his teachings, which call for peace and welfare…….In Islam , man is born free and pure , not sinful or bearing any inherited stigma. He is born to perform his role in life and just to follow his fate and destiny. “

“ It is true that some of us belong to the Arab nation, however Arabic is related to all of us by one means or another and it occupies some special place inside each one of us, as the Holy Quran was written in Arabic and it was the tool which the Prophet Muhammad(PBUH) utilized to impart his message.”

“Upbringing is considered one of the most important protecting factors against the flow of faked media, since our press is infected by some news which is to be regarded untrue. This is because some of the dominant powers believe that it is an easy task to control over panic citizens and further make them believe in whatever is dictated. “

May God bestows mercy upon her soul and considers her as one of the good devoted worshipers…

Mariam Gameela

Margaret Marquis is an American writer with Jewish origins. She authored many books , some of which are: Islam Facing the West , My Journey from Infidelity to Belief , Islam and Renovations , Islam through theory and application . the following are some of her ideas:

“ Islam has put an end to all my questions and skepticism about death and life. I think that Islam is the only way that we may track to find out the truth and it is the healing power to our soul. “

“ when I first read the Holy Quran , I realized that faith is not just important for life , yet it is the life itself. In every time I read more and more about Islam I realize how Islam helped the Arab nation to be one of the greatest nations ever. This nation ,which managed at one time to predominate the entire world.”

“ we can not comprehend the Holy Quran without considering the prophet’s teachings , in other words the Sunna. I think those who do not believe in Sunna, do not believe in Quran as well..”

“ Muslim women shall realize how lucky they are as Islam’s dictations come to keep their sanctities and dignity as well. Islam provides them protection against all kinds of violation whether to their private life or to their chastity. In Islam, all the rights have been given to ensure of permanence the family.”

Salma Bouafair ( Soufi Bouafair )- M.D in teaching French and mathematics

The story of this woman is an extraordinary example of the long tiring intellectual journey through which those who converted to Islam always undergo . She embodies the real challenging will and introduces a good courageous intellectual mind which is to be considered the finest kind of courage at all. She proudly narrated her story as follows:

“ I was born in 1971 in Montreal, Canada. I was grown up within a religious Catholic family , so I used to go to church until I was 14 years old when I started to have my personal questions about our Creator and the different religions. From my point of view, I recognized my questions as easy and logical but they were rather difficult and confusing for those whom I used to ask. I remember some of those questions. I wondered that if God can send us good and evil , if it is He who can give and forbid ….. so why can not we just ask Him for whatever we want by ourselves ??? why there have to be a mediator between God and us !!…. Why do we have to ask the priest ?? won’t God hear us when we talk directly to Him ?? and so many other questions but again with no convincing answers. Thus I stopped attending the church and I no longer could ever hear the pointless ,unconvincing stories of the priests.

I have always believed in God and in His power and in His greatness, so I have studied different religions seeking for any convincing answers for my endless questions but again I could not find what I was looking for… I was so confused and distracted until I started my university. There I came to know a Muslim young man , who introduced Islam to me. I was so overwhelmed as it was an easy way to track the answers for my doubts and questions. It took me a whole year just to study such a religion, and the result was that I was obsessed by Islam to the bones. I was further overwhelmed when I saw how the Moslems -in their prayers- adoringly prostrate themselves to God, it is some thing I could not find in any other religion. I was obsessed by such touching movements which the worshipper performs... they convey nothing but peace of mind , politeness and a perfect act of worship, it seems as if he really feels that he is at the hands of God.

I started attending the mosque where I could find many other Canadian Muslim sisters, who encouraged me to follow my track to Islam. I wore the veil in an attempt to test my will, and two weeks later came the true moment when I testified that there are no other gods but Allah, the One, and that Muhammad (PBUH) is His prophet and messenger.

Islam ,which has put me on the way of the young Muslim, has also bound us with the sacred bond of marriage. It was God's wish to make him my companion in life and in my journey to the spiritual world of Islam.”

Evelyn Copfield

She is a British writer and poet. She wrote some related books to Islam; some of which are “In quest of God” and “Morals”. She stated that:

“ it is very hard for me to determine when I was impressed by Islam and made up my mine to embrace Islam , my true religion. I even think that I was born Muslim. When I first entered the mosque of prophet Muhammad(PBUH) , I felt an overwhelming shiver running through my body, I took off my shoes and I headed for an isolated place where I established my Dawn prayer. I sank in such a spiritual world and I wondered how Merciful God is and how great is that man who He send to guide the entire nation to the light of faith !!! I even thought how God bestowed all kinds of good and welfare to humanity!”

“I hurried to meet the prophet wearing my best scent

But it was no other than the scent of Medina!!

I could barely see

that there was no one but me

So, I set my soul free

And adoringly I prostrated

suddenly ,

I found my soul flying so high

It even transcended the sky

And left away with my heavy earthly body

This is my beloved Medina

This is where I feel secure, glory, serenity and purity”

“I believe that we are not sinful by instinct and we need neither to obtain salvation nor mediator between us and God ,who can behold us whenever and wherever we are.”

I would like to invoke the words of the poet Ackasnta Travnicova, who mastered Arabic to the extent of poetic creativity, to end that blessing journey:

Deprive me of my house and grazing ground,

Take my words and writing ink ,

But give me some thing I can hold on to

Some thing to ****ter with in the judgment day

Brother, leave away the pointless arguments

And just join me to say the truth …

Let’s make it loud and resound in the dark

World , we are not here to tyrannize ,

But rather to impart welfare ,prayers and invocating God

Only then , it would be the day of heaven

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