A Brief Description of the Question:
I work for a company where the copies of the Quran are also printed. Are there any rules that need to be observed before printing, after printing and while sending the Quran by cargo? I do not want to be disrespectful.

The Answer:
There is no drawback to carrying the Quran, the paper on which Quranic verses and hadiths are written in a bag, etc and other religious books below the level of the waist unless disrespect is meant. For, it is not disrespect to carry them below the level of the waist. It is also not regarded as disrespect to put them in the lower shelves of bookcases so that people will access them easily. However, in our culture, there exists the custom of putting the Quran on the shelves and bookcases that are over the level of waist as a sign of respect shown to the Quran.This is a kind of subtlety that developed thanks to the feeling of taqwa in hearts. It is not a religious order. However, it should be viewed as an act in compliance with the indication of the following verse: "..and whoever holds in honor the Symbols of Allah, (in the sacrifice of animals), such (honor) should come truly from piety of heart." (al-Hajj 32) However, those who do not do so should not be accused of disrespect.Doubtlessly, it is necessary to show respect to the Quran, hadiths, the paper on which verses and hadiths written and the other religious books. However, showing respect to them is not related to carrying and holding them over the level of waist only.The real respect is shown to them by obeying their orders and avoiding what they forbid; that is, by practicing what is written in the Quran, hadiths and the religious books written under their light. We will not be regarded to show respect and to fulfill our duty toward the Quran, hadiths and the religious books written under their light unless we practice what is written in them.The issues to be taken into consideration while printing and sending the Quran by cargo can be listed as follows: 1. To have wudu in all phases of printing and sending the Quran if possible.2. To show respect and sensitiveness in all phases of the work.3. To carry out the tasks of editing, checking and packaging on the tables above the level of waist.4. Not to use the shelves and drawers that are below the level of waist to keep the copies of the Quran or to use them for other materials except the copies of the Quran.5. Not to throw the Quran fascicles and pages that are misprinted on the ground and into the dustbin; to collect them in boxes placed over the level of waist and then to deal with them in accordance with the rules of fiqh. 6. To write on the parcels and packages that "they contain copies of the Quran".7. To carry the copies of the Quran in parcels and packages; not to touch the copies of the Quran while carrying (in case one does not have wudu).http://www.questionsonislam.com/question/i-work-company-where-copies-quran-are-also-printed-are-there-any-rules-need-be-observed-printing-aft