Christian Polygamy Movement

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Christian Polygamy Movement

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Thread: Christian Polygamy Movement

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    Christian Polygamy Movement

    Christian Polygamy MovementPolygamy History

    Christian Polygamy Movement
    The History of the Christian Polygamy Movement is relatively new. (Indeed, Christian Polygamy has absolutely no connection with Mormonism - neither in its doctrinal basis nor in its history.)

    In fact, Christian Polygamy as a social movement is only a little more than 10 years old, since 1994! The official "Birth" of Christian Polygamy as a social movement has been identifed as being on "Independence Day" (July 4), 1994. Readers may learn more about that on the "Independence Day" web-page here at the web-site.

    Initially, the Biblical argumentations of Christian Polygamy were quickly organized into a single polygamy exegesis page. As those essential Biblical arguments (which were rapidly securing the advance of Christian Polygamy) were laid down, learned, and repeated by more and more Christians, those same argumentations were subsequently organized into a complete and more comprehensive web-site, Readers may find answers to every doctrinal question about Christian Polygamy at that web-site.

    As the movement progressed, the Standard of Christian Polygamy was also established,
    called love-not-force. Readers may learn more about that standard and the history which led to it at the web-site.

    By 2000, as the movement continued to grow, the organization began to get more and more attention from the media. After the U.S. Supreme Court's Lawrence v. Texas decision in 2003, a media site,, began distributing pro-polygamy articles directly to the media. On July 4, 2004, the organization used that resource to issue a press release to the media, celebrating, July 4, 2004 - Christian Polygamy 'Movement' is 10 Years Old.

    The complete chronology of the entire History of the Christian Polygamy Movement is comprehensively detailed at the Christian Polygamy INFO web-site.

    For research into ancient history on marriage, however, we also provide an entire marrage-history book online, here at this web-site.

    The History and Philosophy of Marriage;
    Or, Polygamy and Monogamy Compared.
    Although it precedes the Christian Polygamy movement, it does provide in-depth research into historic effects upon marriage doctrine, such as the changes made by the Catholic institution, etc. This ancient history book is an important, comprehensive, and well-researched book written by a Bible-believing Christian (not Mormon) author, back in 1869. Alongside providing that book online, we also provide an amazing glory-to-God testimony from the Founder of the organization when he first discovered that ancient book, subsequently making it available for all to read. Both that amazing testimony of God's miraculous power and the entire book are immediately available to be read, all free of charge, online right here.
    Polygamy History

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    أهم نقطة لإلتقائنا أنا وأنت هي المسيح ..
    هل قال المسيح عن نفسه أنه هو الله ؟
    هل قال أنا الأقنوم الثاني ؟
    هل قال أنا ناسوت ولاهوت؟
    هل قال أن الله ثالوث ؟
    هل قال أن الله أقانيم ؟
    هل قال أن الروح القدس إله ؟
    هل قال أعبدوني فأنا الله ولا إله غيري ؟
    هل قال أني سأصلب لأخلص البشرية من الذنوب والخطايا؟
    هل ذكر خطيئة آدم المزعومة مرة واحدة ؟

Christian Polygamy Movement

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Christian Polygamy Movement

Christian Polygamy Movement