A Brief Description of the Question:
Should I tell any one that I have prayed today and the other Muslim person is obsessing me that you have not prayed today and he start forcing me, so should I tell him that I prayed today or not? I personally feel not to tell him as I Prayed to ALLAH, not for him and he did not have any authority to ask me question on my namaz. Please give me a brief discussion?
The Answer:
Although not doing worship (which is far away from pleasing Allah) at other times and doing it merely in order to show it to someone else and to get an advantage is called “hypocrisy” (riya). One who worships in order to please Allah does not commit hypocrisy because s/he does not do it for a worldly benefit. In addition, the thoughts that come to mind in this respect are the delusions of Shaytan (Satan). It is not right to think of these respects and give up worshipping.
The test and trial never finish. We will carry on struggling with our soul (nafs) and Shaytan until the death occurs. No matter how much, a person grows up spiritually, the test will go on and his rank will increase. One should always be between a state of hope and fear. S/he should have a conscious heart in order to struggle to live in the right direction without falling into arrogance. Shaytan (Satan) strives much more with those whose spiritual side is strong. The more they struggle, the more they develop spiritually. Troubles are like nourishment for a person to develop spiritually. It is not compulsory to tell others that we worship, but in order to prevent misunderstanding,, to say “I have performed” is not hypocrisy.