Question:My names Gabriella. Currently my religion is Catholic Christian but I have been this for 16 years and feel no connection to my religion. I do not feel any comfort or belief and so I have been looking to other religions. I have asked some of my friends who are Muslim to talk to me about their beliefs and religion. There is so much to learn but I find it intriguing. I would just like to know more, however I am Italian and Australian so i am unable to read a lot of what is written and understand it. Therefore i was wondering if you would be able to suggest a book or anything that could help me learn more. Thank you Answer:Absolutely. First know that Islam is very easy and simple religion. The first thing is to believe that there's a creator for this world, who created everything and does not need anything and is not like any of His creations, in Arabic the name for God is Allah. God sent many Prophets and messengers we must believe in all of them, among them are Adam, Abraham, Moses, Jesus and the last one of them Muhammad.

One becomes a Muslim by believing and saying: "I testify that no one is God but Allah, and that Muhammad (Abu al-Qassim) is the messenger of Allah". Abu al-Qassim is another name for Prophet Muhammad the son of Abdullah who was born in city of Makkah and died in the city of Madinah.

I urge you to become a Muslim imediately because you will not lose anything and will gain a lot. You can ask all the questions you want, and surely you will find an answer to every question in Islam, nothing is hidden in this religion, which is the religion of all the Prophets of God, and is the fastest growing religion on earth.

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