I started this thread to respond to 3abd Arahman, because he responds to my post and ask me to defend my position and then closes the thread so I cannot post a response. Therefore, he got the last word, by the only means he knew. Now to answer his comments on a thread he cannot close.

Philo did not consider God similar to heaven, the world, or man; his God existed neither in time nor space and had no human attributes or emotions. He argued that God has no attributes (), in consequence no name (), and for that reason he cannot be perceived by man (). Further, God cannot change (): He is always the same (). He needs no other being ( ò ò ), and is self-sufficient ( ). God can never perish (). He is the simply existent (ó , ), and has no relations with any other being ( ). It seems like he holds more an Islamic view of God, IMO. Some scholars hold that his concept of the Logos as God's creative principle influenced early Christology. Other scholars, however, deny direct influence but say both Philo and Early Christianity borrow from a common source.

I agree with the other scholars. Both the early Christians and Philo threw from a common source regarding Jesus being the word of God and therefore being divine, because of Philo's world view of God in that he believed God had no human attributes or emotions and that he cannot perceive man.

We know from the book of John that states and "the word (Logos) was God" this is not the case according to Philo; so Christianity couldn't have been borrowed it from Philo.

Now, back to the obviously borrowed virgin birth story of Jesus. There is no common source for it that Christians and Muslims could have gotten it from. The only place it could be found is in the NT Bible; therefore, this is unequivocal proof that it was borrow and borrowed imperfectly, because Islam denies the reason for Jesus' virgin birth and doesn't have a reason for why Jesus had to have been born of a virgin. I am told by 3abd Arahman it is because God wanted to show his power. I not only find that a lame reason, but I don't see that is the reason given in the Quran. I see no reason given in the Quran. God has shown His power in creation just look at the heavens. They declare His glory.