As-salamu`alaykum.I converted to Islam six months ago in Doha where I was working. After one month, I decided to wear hijab, which has an impact on my work and I had to resign. Now, I'm in Romania where I'm facing some difficulties because it is a non-Muslim country.I'm feeling that my place is not here. I have a Muslim man friend. However, even if we are in love, we can't make our relation official because of the nature of his job.Also, I'm looking for a job in another country. I'm confused. What should I do?

Salam dear sister,I would like to congratulate you on accepting Islam. I welcome you and I'm so grateful to Allah that you've written to us. You only converted to Islam six months ago, but already you have faced a number of challenges and have proven yourself to have good judgment in many areas of your life.
You mentioned that you feel confused, but throughout most of your question, you indicate that you have made sound judgments. First, you accepted Islam, and this takes insight, strength of character, and courage. Then you started wearing the hijabshortly after declaring your faith, which indicates your sincerity and commitment. After that, you resigned from your work. Without going into details, your showed us that wearing hijab for you had priority over keeping your job.
So now you're in Romania and again you have exercised your perception and logic and have come to the conclusion that you won't be able to grow in that place. Clearly you want to be strong and in an environment where you will grow as a Muslim and be close to Allah. So far, you have found your way and have managed to keep a grip on yourself and your situation.
The main challenge is to deal appropriately with the Muslim man you mentioned. There can be no "close friendship" between Muslim men and women. The only way to be together is through marriage. If marriage, for whatever reason, is impossible, then you should end the relationship. If you are unable to marry him right now, then it is time to move on. You already know him enough and you can make your decision about the person. Staying close to this person is never accepted in Islam except through marriage.
Also keep in mind that there are criteria for marrying someone. Your potential husband should be a practicing Muslim, meaning that he would never accept any kind of relationship with you that isn't within the bonds of marriage. He should have a gentle, kind, and strong character. I highly recommend that he clearly demonstrate his love for Allah and His Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him). Also, he should be financially stable and able to afford the expenses of being married. If he fits the bill on these aspects — as a start — you can see if you are both compatible, but there are guidelines for this too.
Don't fall into the same mistake that grabs many other female Muslim converts. Some think that marrying a Muslim man — any Muslim man — is a plus to her religious practice. But this idea is never correct. A husband is a husband. He is a man with whom you will be living. He should be compatible with you in many areas, including — but not limited to — religion.
You have already demonstrated that Islam is your priority in life. So keep to that priority and be sure that if you make any sacrifices along the way, Allah will reward you immensely and open the way for you in ways you could never have expected.
You possess all the resources within yourself to face challenges in your life and to steer yourself toward success. Throughout the journey of your life, many people will cross your path. Some will be good for you, and they will help you grow closer to Allah. They will help you to be stronger in your faith and to be more committed.
Then there will be others who will be tests for you. Through your dealings with them, you will prove your sincerity and commitment to Allah. Otherwise, you are going to compromise yourself, and thereby distance yourself from Allah the Most Merciful. So steer your course with a heart filled with strength, commitment, sincerity, and grace. Make a pledge within yourself that you will never let anyone or anything hold you back from seeking the pleasure of Allah or from discovering yourself and your real purpose in life.
Currently you are looking for a place where you can go in order to grow in knowledge and understanding of Islam. There are many opportunities in Arabic-speaking countries for people like yourself to go and learn Arabic and the Qur'an. There are also opportunities to work and get to know Muslims from all over the world.
So perhaps you could think about it and perform the Istikharah Prayer (supplication for guidance in making a decision) and ask Allah for His guidance in making the right choice and then be ready to take the next step forward in your life. This is not a call for you to leave Romania forever, or even for a while. But it might help you for a while to live somewhere else until you gain more knowledge, which in its turn will always give you more confidence in yourself and your faith. On the other hand, Muslims do not have to live only in an Arabic-speaking country as some would advocate. On the contrary, you might find a fair chance to survive in your own country, especially if you found a Muslim community there.
Being around other good Muslims helps a lot, especially during the first years after conversion. You might even think about starting your own Muslim community in Romania and then invite others to Islam. But to do this, you should have enough knowledge for such a mission, and that will only come by time and knowledge, and seeking. All you have to do is to be sincere and serious about your mission in life, then ask God's guidance about which step to start with. Hopefully, step by step, you will make it without ever turning back!
I hope this answer satisfies you. If you have any other questions, please don't hesitate to write to us again.