15 year old convert to Islam: Positive energy, bitter friends

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15 year old convert to Islam: Positive energy, bitter friends

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الموضوع: 15 year old convert to Islam: Positive energy, bitter friends

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    افتراضي 15 year old convert to Islam: Positive energy, bitter friends

    Kalimah Muhammad, a TaqqwaMagazine.com writer and sister of Lelia Ty, had an opportunity to sit down with this young convert to Islam. At the age of 15, Lelia took an enormous leap of faith.
    Taqwa Magazine: How has your life changed after embracing Islam?
    Well, Islam wasn’t something new to me. Its been embedded in me from the time that I was born. My parents were not Muslim but my father’s niece, Maryam, is and she helped raise me. I began making salat (prayer) at a very young age. I am currently 15 years old and moved here to Saint Louis from Virginia at the beginning of 2013 to live with my sister and her family, who are Muslim. I converted to Islam on April 19, 2013 at West Pine Masjid. After actually embracing Islam, my life became more peaceful, and I began to humble myself. Before embracing Islam, I had no idea of the importance of life. I see life from a different prospective now. I’m around so much more positive energy!
    TM: What has been the reaction of your friends and family?
    Being that my two sisters are Muslim, my family had no reaction. No one in my family questioned me. My family isn’t the judgmental type. They support me in everything I do. I was actually shocked at the reaction from a close friend in Virginia. We had a conversation about marriage and then it escalated from there. She began harassing me on social media, text messages, friends, just everywhere. It had an affect on me because this was someone I trusted other than family. I was more shocked than anything. Everyone else (friends, acquaintance, etc.) didn’t really have a response.
    TM: How long did you study and learn about Islam before you converted?
    As I stated above, I’ve always been accustomed to the culture of Islam. But until 3 years ago I started to study the Deen. I also read “Towards Understanding Islam” by Abdul a’la Mawdudi. I recommend that book to anyone, even those who are non-muslims.
    TM: What pushed you over the line and made you decide to take the “leap of faith”? Was there one specific event that triggered it?
    Growing up my family was catholic. I didn’t understand church. I would ask myself “How could I be born with sin?” “How did praying to a statue, someone made, forgive me for my sins?” “Shouldn’t I be praying to God himself?” In Quran, Allah (swt) says, “No man shall bear the burden of another”. There it was. Islam spoke to me. It had all the answers to my questions. “Is Jesus and God the same person?” “What will happen after we die?” Islam flat out answered my questions and that’s what I needed at the time.
    TM: What would your message be to either Christians or people of other faiths who are considering converting to Islam?
    My message would be to open your eyes and ears. Read. There’s so much contradiction in the bible. If you have to question it, then something isn’t right. You really must sit back and think about what is true and what is false. Islam is the truth. Don’t hold back, there is always knowledge out there to seek.
    “I want to give a special thanks to Taqwa Magazine for this opportunity to share a little. And also to those who may be considering Islam “May Allah guide you in the right path”. Assalamu Alaikum!!!.
    - Lelia Ty

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15 year old convert to Islam: Positive energy, bitter friends

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15 year old convert to Islam: Positive energy, bitter friends

15 year old convert to Islam: Positive energy, bitter friends