Islamic tolerance towards other religions
The Messenger set the example for the type of relationship Muslims should maintain with non-Muslims and other religions such as Christianity and Judaism by legislating laws of tolerance and lenience that until today are still unheard of in a world full of prejudice and extremism. After knowing this, Islam is assured that it is the most tolerant religion.
When the prophet arrived in Madinah, he found Jews and polytheists living there and he never once considered formulating a policy to clash with them. Instead, he graciously accepted their presence and suggested a covenant be drawn up with each of the groups to be applied equally to each party on the basis that each had the right to practice his own religion. This contract speaks of the desire of Muslims to achieve sincere relations with the Jews of Madinah, to spread tranquility throughout all of its quarters and to put a stop to those who plot to spread sedition, no matter what their religion. Likewise, in this contract the Muslims and the Jews both agreed to protect Yathrib if attacked by an enemy and they affirmed the freedom of anyone who wished to leave it.
It should be noted that the prophet alluded to the standing animosity between the Muslims and the polytheists of Makkah and announced his definitive rejection of taking them as allies and prohibition providing them with any form of support. This position is only natural from a people whose wounds continued to bleed from the transgressions of Quraysh and its allies against them. Furthermore, Islam considered Moses to be the prophet of the Jews, a spiritual brother of Muhammad and a partner with him in the call of Allah. Thus, the Muslims, responding to the call of their religion, believe in Moses just as they believe in Muhammad and they view the Torah that was revealed to Moses to be a part of Islam.
Moreover, there are no armed conflicts between Islam and Christianity. As Muslims considered Christianity to be a divine religion of monotheism whose message was brought by the human prophet, Jesus, the son of Mary. This conception is actually a part of Islam. As Jesus, Mohammad and all other prophets are like noble brothers who came to teach mankind how to worship their Lord and how to prepare for their meeting with Him.
Indeed, Islam, Christianity, and Judaism are divine religions. Allah Almighty ordered Muslims to believe in all other prophets and divine religions as a part of his faith. Therefore, Muslims respect them all and do not try to make conflicts or clash with them
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*Islamic Tolerance
By: Dr/Umar abd al-aziz Qurayshi