Kim Griffith Interview


I Found Islam, Now What?

IFI: Can you tell us about your family and the upbringing you were raised in and religious background, age, occupation, and whatever else you would like to share?

KIM: I was raised in a Christian home. I was taken to church every Sunday. While I was in junior high my mom went to seminary and a few years later she graduated with a major in Christian education. She had become a Reverend.

IFI: So how long has it been since you embraced Islam?

KIM: I found Islam a little over a year ago and had reverted to and left it a couple of times before I realized how important it really is in my life. So officially it's been about a month as of November 9th 2009.

IFI: Could you tell us about your life before Islam?

KIM: I never really questioned my religion. I just believed it because I was taught to. In high school I had a hard time accepting what I read in the Bible as truth. Also as a child, I was very overweight but lost all the weight in high school and began to dress in very revealing clothing. I was self conscious and the only way to boost my confidence was to dress in skimpy clothing to get guys attention. Then I learned about hijab.

IFI: What was your impression of Islam before?

KIM: I didn't really have much of an impression. The only thing that bothered me was getting on an airplane with a woman wearing hijab. I had been brainwashed by the media to believe that Muslims were terrorists.

IFI: Did anyone teach you about Islam?

KIM: No, not necessarily. I learned about it on my own. However, as I made Muslim friends, they taught me more about it later on.

IFI: So what made you accept Islam as your way of life?

KIM: Islam is beautiful to me. I see more truth in it than any other religion I had looked into. I can't see myself living my life any other way.

IFI: Have you faced any difficulties after accepting Islam?

KIM: Not really. Only that my family does not care for it. They don't show any interest in it at all. It hurts that they could care less about the religion that means so much to me.

IFI: How did your family react when they found out that you've reverted to Islam? Have you had any problems with your family after you accepted Islam?

KIM: My family didn't seem to care. They never said anything. As I stated before, they don't seem to care much about it.

IFI: How did your friends react when you told them that you've reverted to Islam ?

KIM: My friends were completely fine with it. They don't have any problem with it at all. They support me.

IFI: Do you have other friends that are reverts/converts?

KIM: Yes. Only one that I know personally.

IFI: So would you classify yourself as a practicing Muslim yet?

KIM: Yes

IFI: Is there any special message you would like to give anyone considering to convert to Islam?

KIM: My advice would be to not jump right into it. That was the mistake I made. I hadn't learned enough about it and hadn't educated myself enough to defend Islam when people attacked me about my beliefs. This weakness in my Iman (faith) ultimately made me leave Islam out of fear. Make sure you understand Islam and what it requires of you.

IFI: Is there any message you would like to convey to those who were born into the religion from Muslims parents?

KIM: Be grateful for what you have. You were blessed enough to be born into such a beautiful religion while others had to find it on their own. Don't take Islam for granted. Don't take Allah (swt) for granted either.

Walaikum Salaam,