A course for new muslim Summary of the booklet (A course for new Muslim)First: AT TAWHEED: (The Creed (Belief)
1. Review the meaning of Islam.
2. Review the articles/pillars of faith.
3. Review the pillars of Islam.

Second: Purification
1. How to perform Wudu (ablution/washing).
2. Categories of water.
3. Conditions of Wudu.
4. Nullifications of Wudu.
5. The wiping of socks or shoes during Wudu.
6. Ghusl or ritual bath.
7. Tayammum ( purification with dust ).

Third: As Salah (Prayer):
1. Importance of Salah/Prayer.
2. The Athaan and Iqaama.
3. Prayer times.
4. Complete description of Salah.
5. Translation of the meanings of Suraht Al- Fatihah.
6. Translation of the meanings of Tashahud 1&2.
7. As Sunan Ar Rawaatib ( volunteer prayers).
8. Conditions of Salah ( Prayer).
9. The pillars (arkaan) of Salah.
10. The obligatory acts (wajibaat) of Prayer.
11. Nullification's of Salah.
12. Disliked actions in Salah.
13. The Sunnah (tradition) acts of Prayer.
14. Sujood As-Sahu (prostrations of forgetfulness).
15. Jumuah (Friday) Prayer.
16. Witr Prayer.
17. Eid Prayer.
18. Funeral Prayer.
19. Salah while traveling.
20. The rule of Al- Qasr (the shortening of Prayer)
21. The steps of (Al-Qasr) shortening of Prayer.
22. Salah Al-Khusuf ( Prayer of Eclipese)
23. Salah Al Masbouq (who came late)

Fourth: Transactions (Daily Activities) Al-Muaamalat.
Fifth: The Forbidden things in Islam.

Sixth: The Noble Quran: Memorizing short Surah/Chapters of Qur'an.