Most Jews, Christians, & Muslims claim to be on the correct religion. And, certainly, there are a bunch of similarities… but the differences are core differences. We can’t just dance around the fact that some say Jesus (peace be upon him) was God, some say he was a righteous prophet, and some say he was a liar. How can these be rectified?
Well, they can… Check this out:

Let’s look at the story of Jesus as an example as we explore how and why religions so similar can differ. Judaism, Christianity & Islam are not similar because of copying or borrowing… No, it’s the Source that is the same… and it’s thepeople who later changed the message.
Those who changed the message are the real founders of different religions. All of the prophets (peace be upon them all) called to the same, true way… submission to God.
Some people will cite John 3:16 & attribute words to Jesus that say “I am the way, the truth & the life. Nobody comes to the Father, but through me.” Well, guess what… That was true for every prophet when they were alive. If you lived at the time of Moses, you could not obey God unless you followed Moses. If you lived at the time of David, you could not obey God unless you followed David. In real-time, while any prophet (peace be upon them all) lived and breathed and walked the earth, no one could get to God, but through them.
Certainly, rejecting them is clear disobedience. Where people trip up is not rejection, but altering. Adding celebrations, changing the way of worship, removing laws, adding rules, etc. Jesus (peace be upon him), never celebrated his birthday. He never sang in church with music. He never sanctioned marriage between a man and a man. Anyone who says so is altering his message.