not only do I not know of Father Butros, I also do not view him as any sort of Holy figure I see no point in attempting to discredit him because you do that job far better than I
Then you won't have a problem answering the question : Did he lie or not ?
I will not give you the answer you seem to need so badly, because I doubt your reasons for wanting an answer, it smacks of the usual Muslim ego trip, so you can bask in the glory of your fellow muslims who will no doubt congratulate you on another hatchet job well done
A thief thinks everyone steals . You can doubt my reason as much as you like . The question is still on : Did he lie or not ? And let's assume that we do this for "Ego" - Look who's talking ! - then why is it so hard to answer ? Would they arrest you if you say Butros lied in this video ? do you fear getting struck by lightning ?
I will refrain from adding to your arrogance, which is a sin before God. I am not a coward and do not fear you.
Back at you . And yes , you are cowering at such a simple question I and everyone ask you : Did he lie or not ?

That you have the audacity to accuse me of misquoting you and in someway connect this with the quote of Romans 3:7 you wilfully misquote yourself is ironic..don't you think :)
This is the full context :
3 What advantage then hath the Jew? Or what profit is there in circumcision?
2 Much in every way; chiefly because unto them were committed the oracles of God.
3 For what if some did not believe? Shall their unbelief make the faithfulness of God without effect?
4 God forbid! Yea, let God be true, but every man a liar. As it is written: “That Thou mightest be justified in Thy sayings, and mightest overcome when Thou art judged.”
5 But if our unrighteousness commend the righteousness of God, what shall we say? Is God unrighteous who taketh vengeance? (I speak as a man.)
6 God forbid! For then how shall God judge the world?
7 For if the truth of God through my lie hath abounded more unto His glory, why am I also yet judged as a sinner?
Did I get wrong ? If so , then I'll admit . Unlike someone who fears admitting - not that they're wrong but - that someone else is wrong . And if you can read Arabic , I have a post asking "Did we misunderstand Paul saying that he's lying ?" And we came to a conclusion that it is unknown because a translation deems him guilty and another doesn't .
I admitted I could be wrong . Now , do you have the nerve answer : Did he lie or not ?
if you see the verse in context you will find that verse in 7 Paul is quoting a hypothetical argument that someone might use in order to justify lying, having quoted this argument he then refutes it. There is no way in which, having read the quotation in context, you could honestly accuse Paul of deception by teaching Christians to tell falsehoods. This may be an honest mistake on your behalf because you do not understand the Bible or even wish to, and so are used to using verses out of context to suit your purpose.
Funny . We have an Arabic quote saying "رمتني بدائها و انسلت" meaning "She accuses me of having her disease and then slips away" . Nobody with a small portion of shame can see the video and not see how Butros twisted the meaning into something filthy to suit his dirty purpose . Again : Did he lie or not ?
No not a crime, how ridiculous. No more than I would ask you to slam your head to the wall..:) but a good deal more than 1% of Christians live by the ideals you so despise, that of turning the left cheek and forgiving those who harm you.
Careful there ! You'd regret saying this . Now , I think Christians around the world are around 3 billions a little more or less . Do you really believe that 30 millions turn their left cheek to the one who slaps them ? Maybe you don't see those news of two arguing until one slaps the other and this other beats him half to death . I doubt that YOU would do the same . And get this straight , I don't despise forgiveness . The holy Quran tells us to be forgiving :
16:126 And if you punish [an enemy, O believers], punish with an equivalent of that with which you were harmed. But if you are patient - it is better for those who are patient.
But there's a difference between forgiveness and letting people step on one's neck . If we forgive everyone for whatever they do , then so long for the human race ! And you still didn't answer : Would you love someone trying to kill you and burn your city down ?
you quote from Dueteronomy (Old Testament) to seek to show Christ in the New Testament taught a divisive view of God. He did not, Christ brought a new covenant as Christians it is beholden on us to listen to his words..otherwise we would still be Jews..then of course Dueteronomy would have relevance, as you know much like muslims Jews seek to their own.
Question : Isn't the God of the old testament the same as the God of the new testament ?
i would never dream of expressing an opinion on Hadiths of which I know very little, and as already mentioned see little point in responding any further to a topic where any accommodation for each others views be reached.
i would never dream of expressing an opinion on Hadiths of which I know very little, and as already mentioned see little point in responding any further to a topic where any accommodation for each others views be reached.
Are you trying to give me a headache . You have every single resource right in front of you . MY questions were simple :
1 - Did he lie or not ?
2 - Does hugging a man go under the label of "Gay"
3 - Didn't he say things DIFFERENT from what's in the books
That simple .