Gain Peace, an Out-Reach project of Islamic Circle of North America, has taken the lead in providing comprehensive supporting services for new Muslim. Alhamdulillah, All praise be to Allah alone, our support structure have enabled many new Muslims and their families to remain strong in Islam, enjoy the blessings of brotherhood and sisterhood and get integrated into the greater Muslims community.
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Welcome to Islam - Package

After a person accepts Islam, he is embraced by GainPeace with a gift package, which includes the following items:
Quran with Arabic with English translation
Clear your doubts about Islam - book
Global messenger – biography of Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him.
eDiscover Islam DVD – includes how to pray and other resources
The path to prayer - book
Guide for New Muslims – book – comprehensive guide.
Prayer rug – portable

A mentor is assigned to new Muslim s
One to one learning
How to Pray
Arabic lessons
Answering and clarifying Islamic concepts

University style syllabus with five levels
Arabic lessons
Islamic topics
In-house in many locations
Weekly classes
Similar lessons as above classes
Revert’s Conference

Yearly conference, focusing on topics and discussions relevant to the knowledge,
growth and support of new Muslims.
New Muslims from eight States are invited.
Illinois, Missouri, Iowa, Wisconsin, Michigan, Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky New Muslims Website
To be expanded to other cities, States and eventually nationwide, God willing.

Toll Free Telephone Assistance – 800-662-ISLAM

New Muslims from around the country can call and obtain guidance in day to day living.

Training for outreach

How to relate Islam to others?

How to answer difficult questions
How to provide the truth and evidence of Islam?
Getting involved in GainPeace’s outreach projects