Who is Jesus?

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Who is Jesus?

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Thread: Who is Jesus?

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    Quote Originally Posted by فداء الرسول View Post
    If you do not want to question about Islam

    And do not want to reply to topics

    What do you want from us?

    We will not stop the publication of the truth of Christianity, that want to cover the sun and this will not happen

    Note: You are not compelled to respond to topics that you do not like. Save your time
    When I was first invited to join this site I was given the impression that it was for respectful dialogue for comparisons of our respective faiths. This has proved not to be the case, and now I find all you are interested in here is to attempt to sabotage the faith and beliefs of others, why you feel this is important or what is to be gained from such an excercise I am finding it difficult to understand. I doubt many Christians would give this place houseroom, so it can't be aimed at persuading any Christian members, especially as your so called proofs and evidence of your claims regarding Christianity and its falsehood are at best seriously flawed at worst downright lies. ...even if you do not know they are lies...or even care for that matter.

    could it be you are worried that Muslims may be tempted away from Islam ..as many are.. And by dissing the truth of others you reinforce your own. That is pretty pointless if a truth cannot stand up to scrutiny then it's not worthy of the title truth. do you hope that if I ask questions about Islam I will one day shout eureka!!! At last I have the truth...I don't think so. Only God can guide through his Holy Spirit which path we choose. You have no power to persuade people to turn from God. Do you think I have not read of Islam or the Quran or about Mohammed...I have and what I have found that it is not possible, as I personally believe it, for Mohammed to be a prophet, of course I measure this by the standards God set down in the Bible for the criteria to measure a true prophet, and the warnings of Christ. You have your own reasons to believe that when Mohammed told people he was a prophet then he must be. The Jews and the Christians of the time did not believe his claims..why was that do you think? So if I cannot accept the validity of Mohammed's prophethood it stands to reason that I cannot accept the Quran to be the final word of God. However this is your faith and the faith of millions worldwide and I shall forever respect your right to believe as you do. I may believe you put your soul at risk by doing so, but that is not in my remit to change, only God can guide through his Holy Spirit.

    It is a cause for sadness that you feel you must continue with your pointless crusade when there is so much more you could be doing to the glory of God, maybe promoting feelings of friendship, love and peace which are more akin to the nature of God and surely it would please God more than creating strife and discord. Still your choice., but the Bible message has stood for over two thousand years it is as valid now as it ever was dispite the many attempts to discredit its message. It will take a greater person than you I feel to succeed because the Holy Bibles is protected by God himself and its message written on the hearts of its believers.

    So what do I want from you? Nothing really you have already proven by your words that you have no empathy and you are determined in the mission you have set yourself. No amount of proof shown to you would ever dissuade you. But maybe I could ask one thing of you....why do you wish to spread discord and who do you serve by doing so? God? Allah or another?

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    Note: You are not compelled to respond to topics that you do not like. Save your time

    نقره لتكبير أو تصغير الصورة ونقرتين لعرض الصورة في صفحة مستقلة بحجمها الطبيعي

    تحمَّلتُ وحديَ مـا لا أُطيـقْ من الإغترابِ وهَـمِّ الطريـقْ
    اللهم اني اسالك في هذه الساعة ان كانت جوليان في سرور فزدها في سرورها ومن نعيمك عليها . وان كانت جوليان في عذاب فنجها من عذابك وانت الغني الحميد برحمتك يا ارحم الراحمين

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Who is Jesus?

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Who is Jesus?

Who is Jesus?