Bishop Gilbert Deya and his Miracle Babies

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Bishop Gilbert Deya and his Miracle Babies

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الموضوع: Bishop Gilbert Deya and his Miracle Babies

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    Bishop Gilbert Deya and his Miracle Babies

    I am sorry that I can not write this topic in Arabic for technical reasons, but I would be thankful to any brother who would translate the topic into Arabic. But the topic is funny and depicts the Christian rotten mentality of believing in the unvelievable ..... And their religious leaders (Shepherds of pigs and swines) know this and harp on this just to make .money

    Well, a Kenyan Archbishop who is the head of a chruch with many of followers in London (UK) and his homeland (Kenya) ..... claimed that he can give babies to sterile women just by praying ...... As Wikepedia says "through the power of prayer and the Lord Jesus" .....

    And this honourable archbishop is actually a gang leader for child trafficking ....... Kidnapping children or buying them from their families to sell them to childless families who can pay for this DIVINE services of this honourable .archbishop

    The funniest thing in the subject is that, the Archbishop , in collaboration with his wife convinced the women who demanded one of his miracle babies that they are actually pregnant and they are going to deliver at a time determined by the honorable archbishop that is aspired to him by Jesus Christ Himself
    And the poor women believed this

    Another funny thing, that when the police stormed his gang's headquarters , they found 10 children with variable age groups ..... He claimed that they were his own children from his wife (aging 56 years ) ....... And to reveal the liar who is selling lies for the people as his master (Jesus and Paul) ..... DNA tests disproved this ]

    It seems that the famous words of the monkey god (Jesus Christ) describing the mobs and scum that followed him as (You are the LIGHT of the world) ..... is a misquotatation ........ Actual words of Jesus were : (You scums, Your are the LIARS of the world!) ......

    Sources :

    The site of the liar ministry :

    التعديل الأخير تم بواسطة عبد الله القبطى ; 13-11-2007 الساعة 09:24 AM


    Deuteronomy 21
    22 And if a man have committed a sin worthy of death, and he be to be put to death, and thou hang him on a tree
    23 His body shall not remain all night upon the tree, but thou shalt in any wise bury him that day; ( for he that is hanged is accursed of God;) that thy land be not defiled, which the LORD thy God giveth thee for an inheritance

    سفر التثنية:
    21: 22 و اذا كان على انسان خطية حقها الموت فقتل و علقته على خشبة
    21: 23 فلا تبت جثته على الخشبة بل تدفنه في ذلك اليوم لان المعلق ملعون من الله فلا تنجس ارضك التي يعطيك الرب الهك نصيبا

    هذا هو ما يقوله الكتاب المُقدس فى ..... يسوع
    This is what the Bible says in the ..... Jesus

Bishop Gilbert Deya and his Miracle Babies

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Bishop Gilbert Deya and his Miracle Babies

Bishop Gilbert Deya and his Miracle Babies