Warm welcome for new 7 Muslim converts in Brunei

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Warm welcome for new 7 Muslim converts in Brunei

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الموضوع: Warm welcome for new 7 Muslim converts in Brunei

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    افتراضي Warm welcome for new 7 Muslim converts in Brunei


    Warm welcome for new 7 Muslim converts in Brunei

    A member of the Royal Brunei Armed Forces (RBAF) along

    with his wife and four children embraced Islam in an official ceremony held at Kg Bukit Udal, Tutong.

    Following his conversion, Staff Sgt Garrol Ruani from Armoured Reconnaissance Squadron, Support Battalion, Royal Brunei Land Force (RBLF) chose Muhd Al Fadillah Ruani as his Islamic name. His wife is now known as Maisarah Yusok, while their children also adopted new names.

    On hand to witness the event was the Deputy Commander of RBAF, Pehin Datu Pekerma Jaya Brigadier General Dato Seri Pahlawan Mohd Tawih Abdullah, as the guest of honour. Also present at the ceremony was the Commander of RBLF, senior officers of RBAF, JAMA'AT personnel and close relatives.

    The conversion ceremony was conducted by officers from Pusat Da'wah Islamiah, and was followed by a Dikir Marhaban and the presentation of gifts to the family of new converts.

    Meanwhile a former freethinker also converted to Islam in a small ceremony held at Kg Kapok yesterday morning.

    Formerly known as Putra Azizun Anak Damit, Muhammad Azizan Azri Abdullah Damit said that one of the main reasons for his religious conversion was the influence and support of friends.

    Admittedly, he said that he was attracted to Muslim culture. His friends, upon knowing this, supported his decision to convert.

    He is the only member of his immediate family to convert to Islam. Reflecting on his parent's reactions, he said he had their full support.

    "They respected my decision and said that I was an adult who can make my own decisions," said Muhammad Azizan Azri.

    "You already chose your path, they said and my father said that my conversion doesn't matter and what's important was I knew how to take care of myself."

    In becoming a Muslim, he said that when it comes to performing his obligatory duties such as prayers, he hopes his friends would teach him.

    "In terms of laws such as eating Halal food, how to pray, how to perform ablution, I am hoping my friends will help me," he said.

    He added that he is slowly being taught to recite the Al-Fatihah.

    In terms of fasting, Muhammad Azizan Azri said that he is looking forward to the month of Ramadhan, and admitted that he tried to fast, but didn't complete the time.

    Asked whether he would like to see his immediate family take the same path, he only responded by saying "Insha’ Allah, maybe one day".

    In concluding, he thanked his friends who witnessed the conversion, and family members such as his cousins, aunties and uncles who gave support.

    After having completed his attachment at the Brunei Agricultural Resource Centre at the Veterinarian Unit in December, Muhammad Azizan Azri also thanked colleagues who were very supportive of him.

    As he read his rites as a Muslim, it was followed by a signing of his declaration as well as a signature from Village Head of Kg Kapok Hj Marali Hj Ahmad as witness.

    Source: http://www.bt.com.bn

    التعديل الأخير تم بواسطة نعيم الزايدي ; 27-11-2011 الساعة 11:15 PM

Warm welcome for new 7 Muslim converts in Brunei

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Warm welcome for new 7 Muslim converts in Brunei

Warm welcome for new 7 Muslim converts in Brunei