IQRAA Report: Mexican woman embraces Islam


Mexican Carolina Victoria announced her conversion to Islam at a mosque in Mexico City on Friday, October 28, according to Iqraa reporter Mustafa Muhy.

Mexico has been witnessing an advocacy movement led by Sheikh Issa Rojas through lecturing in universities and scientific institutes and there is a prominent role for the Islamic Educational Center, which witnesses about 2000 converts and is headed by Egyptian Mamdouh Al-Sayed.

It’s worth mentioning that Muslims number in Mexico is about 200,000 and most of them are new-Muslims, and the number is rising especially in the Mexican community in the United States.

Shortage of Islamic books in Mexico

In a letter sent to IQRAA website by sister Galia Toxtile, a Mexican converted to Islam about five years ago, complaining about the lack of Islamic books and publications in Spanish language in Mexico.

“In Puebla City, there is a lot of people want to learn about Islam, especially because I wear Hijab and I become vulnerable to be questioned by my friends about this religion.” She said.

So, she wants to help the Islamic institutes to organize an annual ceremony in Puebla which can help in spreading Islam and bridging the cooperation among the Mexican Muslims.

Picture of sister Galia Toxtile with group of new Muslims