Know of Free Dawah material?

Is it any of these? It says 1 min. message but they're actually 1 page articles.
1 minute message - Scientific Accuracy of Quran
1 minute message - The One True God
1 minute message - Train Your Will Power To Work 4 U
1 minute message - How To End Racism
1 minute message - Book of God Cannot Have Errors


If you found a watch in the sand one" and "How to end Racism" and "7 reasons to read the Qur'an".


The books will cost you nothing at all. I just asked (via email) for dawah books and got 26 shipped from Cairo. Alhumdulillah
But on the website, there are books in over 10 languages. I don't think there's a limit on the quantity. But I dont recommend ordering a lot at once. Ordering a few is a better choice to see if you're satisfied with the content/material.
WhyIslam has some amazingly designed pamphlets (they don't look like the cover from the "A Brief Introduction To Islam" book - Qur'an coming out of the Earth like a rocket? Looks kinda weird).

Just looking at the pamphlets, you can see how the design would catch people's eyes.