What does the west want from the east ?
1) The East and the West .This is the eternal issue that occupies my mind and the minds of all people in the east. What does the west want from the east ? .Why do they always invade our countries with false reasons? Is it the love of domination and the arrogance of power and selfishness ? Is it the treasures of the east ? .Is it the greed of what Allah (pbth) granted the east ? .Allah (pbth) also granted the west a lot of graces and treasures but the politicians of the west blind their eyes on these graces and treasures.Is it attacking Islam in its home? and where is Islam now ?. It is amongst your original citizens and the question is why do they embrace Islam in spite of these frenzy campaigns that accuse Islam as a religion of terrorism and violence? Is it the sword of Islam ? or because it is the religion of peace and love or because it addresses the minds and the human heart. It meets between the material and spiritual needs in the smoothly and comfortably. Islam doesn't derive its strength from its followers, but it depends on The power of itself-propulsion,
why in every calamity occurring in the world,they ask about the doer's religion.If he is a Muslim, the world is turned upside down and the media campaigns start attacking Islam accusing it not the doer with terrorism and violence.If the doer is a Christian or a Jew they put their hands on their mouths,then accuse the doer not his religion although any doer does not represent his religion . Why are these unjust double standard . How to judge the religion of a billion and a half people all around the world by the actions of dozens of corrupt and extremists . How can we generalize our judgments on the society as a whole because of the strange behavior of some members of this community .Can we judge other religions and societies with this false criterion ?.
Did not they see the Western Christian armies wreaking havoc in the Muslim countries in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan killing innocent children and the elderly and unarmed men and women, They made children orphans and women widows. They violated the sanctity of Men and women at the jails,They raped women in front of their husbands in Abu-Gharaib prison in Iraq under the eyes and the ears of the civilized world . More of that savagery a group of officers and soldiers used to kill people in Afghanistan and after that they cut their fingers and parts of their bodies to keep them in their bags as souvenirs and that was a scandal in the western newspapers.Although all these crimes Muslims never accused the religion of Christianity or Jewish with terrorism or violence in spite of the savagery of Israel against the people of Palestine including innocent children ,women and men.Isn't that the eye of terrorism?.
2)In fact the Islamic world suffered a lot from the greeds of a lot of western invaders in the past and at present. In the past we suffered a lot from the British and French colonization and their conspirations to put their hands on our countries to take the treasures of the Arab world.France occupied Egypt for some time ,then came England which occupied it more than 70 years and put its hand on Palestine .The Islamic world was the delicious cake which was divided among them .Italy occupied Lybia and France occupied Algeria and you can read what they did there ,one million man,woman and child were killed there.Before Israel had been planted in Palestine the Arabs suffered from the crusade wars When they entered Jerusalem on July 15, 1099, they slaughtered seventy thousand Muslims, including women, children, and the elderly: "They broke children's skulls by knocking them against the wall, threw babies from roof tops, roasted men over fires and cut open women's bellies to see if they had swallowed any gold." This description was given by Edward Gibbon, the famous historian.The European kings came to our countries in what they said " The Sacred War " the crusades to kill innocent people ,to commit the horrifying genocide without any mercy They were walking with their horses in rivers of the blood of their victims .The heads,the arms,the hands and the legs of people were scattered everywhere and finally Belfor the prime minister of England conspired With the global Zionism and promised the Jewish in 1917 to make them a motherland in Palestine .This man -- who doesn't own promised that who doesn't deserve -- enabled the Jewish to come to Palestine and settle there until they declared it as a motherland in 1948 then began the instability and the trouble in our area with Israel and the Arab world . They raped the Palestinian land and killed them and their children .They used the most lethal methods against civilians and it is very sorry that the USA provides them with the modernest weapons to kill the innocent and to encourage them with its green light to do what it wants All that with the money of the tax payers and I think that Bush was the worsest American president because he waged wars everywhere as if he were the Satan of that world and put the reputation of the USA in the lowest level.In fact adopting Israel as its mollycoddle son and blindly supporting it in the security council although its evil deeds made America lose a lot of peoples in the middle east and all the world .Israel is the gravest danger to world peace.We don't hate the peoples of the west but we don't like the policy of their leaders.I think you saw the tragic pictures of the Palestinians' houses,children ,women ,buildings and the City of Gaza because of the crimes of Israel.Bush himself when he was speaking about terrorism he said "it is crusades then he apologised for that.Bush attacked Iraq and Killed about 1000000 Muslim and what about Afghanistan"s Muslim people.The media gave people misunderstanding image about Islam and spoke about what they called the phobia of Islam .They want to distort the pure image of Islam I want to say that the Holy Quran- The Constitution of all Muslims-is the true words of Allah (pbth) and Allah promised to guard his words from corruption.HE said in the Holy Quran: "We have, without doubt, sent down the Message; and We will assuredly guard it" (from corruption).So,there is one version of the Holy Quran all around the world and no letter was added or removed from it for more than 1400 years.Allah also addressed those who hate Islam and always try to distort its image saying in the Quran :" Their intention is to extinguish Allah's Light (by blowing) with their mouths: but Allah will complete (the revelation of) His Light, even though the Unbelievers may detest (it). (61/8). Allah likened them as those who want to extinguish the light of the sun with their mouths.What about the light of Allah (pbuh) who created the sun and all that world !!!!!!. At the end please,please,raise your hands from the Middle East and Islam because Islam has a very important feature "The more you press on it ,the faster it spreads." Thank you.
( One from the east )