Almost all non-fundamentalist Christians and non-Christians identify missionary activity and evangelism as an activity detrimental to a healthy society and spiritual growth. Here are the most important reasons cited.

Religious Conversion destroys people's lives ( 1 items )
Family breakdown/ Higher divorce rate ( 1 items )
Evangelical fudamentalism breeds intolerance. This intolerance effects even the families as fundamentalist Christians develop the mentality of 'I am right; you are wrong'. This mentality seems to be reason for higher divorce rates among Christians.
Missionary activity is Colonialism ( 2 items )
Missionary activity is widely considered as an arm of colonialism.
Evangelism is a psychological disorder ( 2 items )
Conversion is an uncivilized act ( 1 items )
Conversion is Violence ( 1 items )
Evangelism is religious intolerance ( 3 items )
Evangelism is an act of religious intolerance.
Evangelicals are against Nature/Environment ( 2 items )
Evangelism is violent Religious Expansionism ( 3 items )
Evangelism is Satanism ( 1 items )
Some great thinkers consider the practice of evangelism equivalent to Satanism.
Evangelism is Christian Fascism ( 3 items )
“Christian fascism” or “Cristo-fascism” as synonymous with a worldview and political philosophy which are both fundamentalist Christian and fascist in nature
Evangelism is a commercial empire ( 7 items )
Many prominent Christians feel that Western Evangelism is a commercial empire just like any other business. The evangelicals exploit people's soft corner for religion and buy into their over-priced and often useless products. Examples are Pat Robertson's and Benny Hinn's businesses.
Casteism in Indian Christianity ( 7 items )
Christianity is promoted as liberation theology with reference to castes in India. Contrarily Church is the biggest promoter or casteism where the lines are clearly drawn between the castes. Among Hindus the burial ground is same whereas among Christians even the burial grounds are demarked by caste.
Deceptive Rhetoric of Moral Values ( 3 items )
Most of the missionaries and Christian groups claim that Christianity and white race have the highest moral values whereas all other religions and cultures are corrupt
Evangelism is revengeful act of Sex abuse victims ( 1 items )
Sex abuse victims tend to become abusers themselves and, if sexually abused. Research has shown that religious fundamentalists are more likely to come from families where sexual abuse has occurred. We know about the widespread abuse by Catholic priests. Sixty percent (60%) of Evangelical pastors, most of whom are married, have a problem with pornography
Christianity promotes Racism ( 4 items )
Racism is rooted in the founding Christian belief that all non-Christians were servants/soldiers of Satan, the relentless and cunning enemy of the Christian god and all morality (1 Cor. 10:20–21, Gal. 4:8–9, John 8:44 for examples). Christians considered pagans who converted to be morally cleansed and “purified.” Christians called pagans and Jews who rejected conversion “obstinate,” “atheists,” and an “infection” in the world, and treated them as a constant threat to Christian purity.
Church Fundamentalism is against Science ( 2 items )
USA, which produced the world's top inventions and scientists is under siege due to Christian fundamentalism. These fundamentalists are opposed to scientific development because most of the scientific findings contradict Bible. Example: Bible states that Sun rotates around Earth and Earth is flat. Galileo who questioned this theory was put under house arrest and denied medical services he request. American Christian fundamentalists are against research and science on evolution as they believe that Adam & Eve created the world.
Witchcraft, exorcism and Child abuse ( 2 items )
Many evangelical churches are known to promote irrational and uncivillized acts such as witchcraft and exorcism which often involve child abuse. In Europe and Africa such fundamentalist churches are growing exponentially
Evangelism is a Pseudo-Religious activity ( 3 items )
The pseudo-religionist (evangelical), loves his theory above everything else. It is his baby. He raises it up, applauds it, and makes it the standard by which everything else should be measured or interpreted. It is his idol. He tries to save it from refutation at all costs. And because it is the theory first and truth second?a pseudo-religious movement is wedded to such incorrigible bedfellows as falsehood, dogmatism, and delusion. This difference in attitudes marks the essential demarcation between true Religion and pseudo-religious movement. ?irrefutability is not a virtue of a theory as people oftenthink, but a vice.?
Conversion destroys Social & Communal Harmony ( 4 items )
A non-Christian who viewed the society as one entity after conversion to Christianity begins to see the society as two categories 'us' vs. 'them'. 'us' being the 'saved' and 'them' not worth living. He develops hate and illwill towards everything 'them' reveres.
Missions is Hate Crime ( 3 items )
Increasingly world is accepting evangelical missions as an expression of hate crime.
Corrupted and evil expression of Christianity ( 4 items )
Most of the true Christian denomonations are not involved in missions and evangelism. They strongly argue that missions is the corrupted and evil expression of true Christianity.
Evangelism is Religious Terrorism ( 6 items )
What is religious terrorism? Religious terrorists seek to use violence to further what they see as divinely commanded purposes, often targeting broad categories of foes in an attempt to bring about sweeping changes. Religious terrorists come from many major faiths, as well as from small cults. This type of terrorism is growing swiftly, notes Bruce Hoffman of the RAND think tank; in 1995 (the most recent year for which such statistics were available), nearly half of the 56 known, active international terrorist groups were religiously motivated. Because religious terrorists are concerned not with rallying a constituency of fellow nationalists or ideologues but with pursuing their own vision of the divine will, they lack one of the major constraints that historically has limited the scope of terror attacks, experts say. As Hoffman puts it, the most extreme religious terrorists can sanction ?almost limitless violence against a virtually open-ended category of targets: that is, anyone who is not a member of the terrorists? religion or religious sect.?
Warfare not a spiritual experience ( 4 items )
"Evangelism is a warfare, it is not a spiritual experience" is what evangelicals openly admit. Most of their literature talks about 'Winning souls and counting numbers, strategies etc..' In their planning they even use the military terminology such as 'blasting, bombarding, targets under control, targeted areas, preparing the warriors...' Many true Christians call it 'Bastardization of Christianity'.
Evangelism is a tool for terrorism ( 3 items )
"Either convert and fight against India or DIE" is the message echoing across the 7 states (called 7 sisters) of North-east India. Many articles indicating the same are listed in this section.
Clash of Civilization ( 14 items )

Evangelism/Proselytism is due to the fundamentally an expression of clash of civilization. Since time immemorial western civilization has been trying to convert or annihilate whoever is different from them. The core principle is 'whoever is not like us is disposable'.

Evangelism is a tool for territorial expansion ( 3 items )
Jomo Kenyatta, Kenya's first elected Prime Minister (1963-1964) and President (1964-1978) said: "When the missionaries arrived, the Africans had the land and the missionaries had the Bible. They taught us to pray with our eyes closed. When we opened them, they had the land and we had the Bible."
Evangelism means destruction of Cultures ( 13 items )
Civilizations produced a wide range of cultures, thanks to missionaries most of the world cultures exist either in old history books or museums only. Read Conversion in any form is destruction of culture. Roy Brown explains his study in Fundamentalism as a destroyer of cultures
Evangelism destroys Religious Diversity ( 2 items )

The benefits of religious diversity go beyond simply keeping the world "interesting". If all Humanity had the same religion, even a peaceful one (which Christianity is not), we would lose most of our creativity and the capacity for philosophical insight. Religious diversity expands the mind; when a single belief system dominates a society, it limits the mind. This is dangerous even in a modern, scientific society because the scientists themselves need to be able to rethink their (culturally-conditioned) views of the universe. Otherwise, important discoveries (such as the heliocentric solar system or the evolution of life) are delayed even though the evidence may be readily available.

Churches are against population control ( 2 items )

Evangelism produces more Christians.Church is a strong opponent of any form of Birth control which produced many orphans and malnutritioned children. INDIAN RATIONALISTS CRITICISE POPE ON POPULATION POLICY

Religious Conversion plays havoc in Women's lives ( 2 items )

Church is against abortion, birth-control pills etc which brings misery to women's lives. Millions of women find their life devastated because of church. Read PHILIPPINES: CATHOLIC CHURCH SENDS WOMEN TO THEIR DOOM Women's rights are always blocked by churches. Read UNITED NATIONS: VATICAN TRIES TO BLOCK WOMEN'S RIGHTS

In Christianity a women is inferior to man. Many women who enjoyed complete freedom and respect in their native religion become second class members in their own homes and family.
Evangelism promotes anti-Nationalism ( 4 items )

The convert under the spell of a church leader (Father/Pastor) since conversion faces conflict over his allegiance during conflict. The nation he lives in vs. The nation giving orders. Which side a Sri Lankan Buddhist convert (to evangelical christianity) would take in case of a war between Sri Lanka and US? Most likely (or atleast covertly) US side.Yes! that is the reality. John Dayal, member of National Integration Council (NIC) and secretary-general of the all powerful All India Christian Council desperately tried to put India in the US list of CPC (Countries of Particular Concern) which would seriously damage India's reputation. No Indian Citizen (at heart) would work against his country except John Dayals who are Indian by passport but Vaticans at heart. Read the article about India's Pious spies.

In 1828, a British clergyman boasted, "Whenever the missionary places his standards among the savage tribes, their dependence on the Colony is increased and every convert becomes the friend of Government."

Evangelism is an immoral and unethical practice ( 5 items )
From time immemorial most of the world's greatest philosophers, scholars and thinkers have been condemning 'Organised Religious conversion' as an immoral and unethical practice. Eminent scholars such as MV Nadkarni convincingly argues that Religious Conversion is an unethical practice. He takes leaves from the works of Mahatma Gandhi, Sir Syed Mohammad, Raja Ram Mohan Roy etc. Be sure to read the article titled "Ethics and Relevance of Conversions" and many more in this section
Evangelism causes Civil Wars ( 1 items )
Every country in the world is facing an internal war i.e., Fundamentalist Christians vs. others. This is not the case with other religious or ethnic groups. The prime reason is intolerance. A fundamentalist evangelical Christian cannot accept or respect anything non-christian and expresses his intolerance in some form or other. Many articles including some prominent ones written by rationalists are presented in this section.
Evangelism: A Political game for hegemony ( 5 items )
Western Church was never a religious or spiritual organization. Though it may start or sound as one but the ultimate motive is power and control of Governments.. Vijay Prasad in Eastward Evangelical Soldiers identifies American Evangelism as US foreign policy for global hegemony.
Religious Conversion:Crime against Humanity ( 1 items )
Religious conversion is threatening individuals, families, communities and the nations. Coercive religious conversion of Eastern religions contains a threat to spiritual tradition and the freedom of choice. If carried unchecked, coercive religious conversion would threaten the very existence of many Asian nations as a nation. Read Coercive Religious Conversion: A Crime against Humanity
Evangelism develops anti-social syndrome ( 1 items )
According to a famous christian psychriatist (name withheld) "Some Christians are actually worse off after being "saved" than before. At least before they were "saved," they had a natural respect for, or fear of, ultimate justice, an inborn sense that somehow we all reap what we sow. After being "saved," that's gone for the insincere "Christian." For him or her, belief in Jesus amounts to a "get-out-of-Hell-free" card, a sort of spiritual "diplomatic immunity." It's like the profligate teenage son of an important Arab diplomat who knows he won't be prosecuted under U.S. law while living here, so he drives recklessly, molests women and generally lives it up with impunity. And because the natural and necessary fear of consequences has been unwisely removed from his life, he falls that much more easily to the temptations of his lower nature. "
Crusades is the act of an addicted ( 2 items )
Liberal Christians call Christian fundamentalism, an addiction similar to gambling and alcoholism. Acclaimed author Carolyn Baker in article The religious right: Pushing a deadly addiction explores the addictive features of evangelism which ultimately result not in spiritual well being but the worst spiritual abuse. Read below for articles by various other authors who feel the same.
Evangelism:The Worst Human rights violation ( 2 items )
Many Human rights advocates including many Christian leaders such as Senior Bishop GEEVARUGHESE MAR OSTHATHIOS call 'Religious Conversion' as the worst Human rights Violation. They want the international community to impose a ban on the carnage going on the official garb of 'religious freedom'
Threat to national security ( 3 items )
Christian missionaries managed, funded, guided by outsiders have been propagating anit-nationalism as their allegiance is towards the nations sponsoring them and have become a threat to victim nations.
Promotes Christian Fanaticism ( 6 items )
Promotes hatred,wars and Genocide ( 3 items )
Many evangelical leaders initiated and promoted war against heathen so that the field is open to harvest the souls. Many of the evangelical leaders and missionaries are War Criminals.
Imperialism: Destroy the fundamental ideals ( 4 items )
Time and again world's renowned scholars have clearly proved evangelism as an imperialistic activity. But because they operate in the spiritual realm, they continue to enjoy a fuzzy kind of permission to conduct a kind of business that is largely impossible in other less ethereal spheres of life.