Why MySQL?

Go from download to complete installation in less than 15 minutes
Run anything from deeply embedded applications with a footprint of just 1 MB to massive data warehouses holding terabytes of information
Provides high performance through table and index partitioning, ultra-fast load utilities, distinctive memory caches, and full-text indexes
Provides a high-performance query engine, fast data insert capability, and strong support for specialized Web functions—like fast, full-text searches
Around-the-clock support is available for MySQL Enterprise and MySQL Cluster

The Most Popular Open-Source Database

Downloaded 70,000 times a day
Named one of the Top 10 Open Source Hall of Famers by InfoWorld
MySQL workbench was named the 2009 Product of the Year, database tool category, by Developer.com
See how growing companies successfully scale out with MySQL
White paper: Guide to MySQL for Microsoft Windows
Webinar series: Java and MySQL
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