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Wilson might be the only host on The 404 who watched the entire big game Sunday, so we don't spend too much time talking about the actual game and instead stick to the commercials. Ads this year included Google's first Super Bowl ad. Also, HomeAway revitalized the Griswold family from National Lampoon's "Vacation", and Motorola aired a commercial with Megan Fox selling something...we just don't remember what it is.

We also have a story about Comcast changing its name to Xfinity. Starting next week, its cable television, telephone, and Internet services will feature the rebranded name in 11 markets. In what seems like an effort to give a sharper edge to the brand name, the change is taking heavy fire from sites like The Consumerist, which claim that the new Xfinity name has an X-rated/pornographic/stupid/energy drink connotation.

Finally, we run down a list of the 10 most needlessly perverted mainstream games. Follow along as we chat about some of the most revealing games in console history with titles like Dead or Alive, The Sims, and Bayonetta leading the scandal. Oh my. Speaking of which, we hate to be the ones to report it, but Microsoft is no longer offering online support for original Xbox games like Halo 2 and Counterstrike. Bummer!


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