Introducing version 2 of the world's fastest database machine: The Sun Oracle Database Machine. The new database machine goes beyond data warehousing to also deliver extreme performance and scalability for online transaction processing applications (OLTP).

Watch Oracle CEO Larry Ellison and Sun Executive Vice President John Fowler unveil the Sun Oracle Database Machine
Extreme Performance
The Sun Oracle Database Machine combines industry-standard hardware components and *****Fire technology from Sun, Oracle Database 11g Release 2, and Oracle Exadata Storage Server Software to create a faster, more versatile database machine. "Exadata Version 2 is twice as fast as Exadata Version 1 for data warehousing, and it's the only database machine that runs OLTP applications," says Oracle CEO Larry Ellison. "Oracle Exadata Version 2 runs virtually all database applications much faster and less expensively than any other computer in the world."

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